Customer Review-Stay Lock Bump Top Tiles

They say to make money you have to spend money.  Patty W. is living proof that this philosophy can work.  Patty runs a business from her home teaching exercise and needed a good flooring for her workouts classes.

“I use the tiles for a workout floor,” Patty says.  “We do a lot of cardio and it helps my clients who have issues with their joints.  My workouts can be very intense and the flooring supports my workout routines.”

Stay Lock Bump Top Tiles are a relatively new product for us here at Greatmats and we couldn’t be happier with them.  Manufactured in the USA, these tiles are a soft PVC that offers impact cushion and fatigue relief while maintaining rugged durability.   This exercise flooring is perfect for industrial, ergonomic applications as well.  Perfect for aerobic activity, Stay Lock features a unique connection system that holds the floor tiles together tightly and keeps them flat even over concrete or carpeting. 

Patty bought her tiles over time adding them as she went until her room was complete.  “I installed the floor as I purchased the tiles and it may have taken less than two hours total to install.  It wasn’t difficult at all.  The only challenge I had was my fingers got a little tired after a while so I used a small hammer to help press down.”  (We recommend a rubber mallet but, hey, whatever works!)  “Overall, it was a breeze.”

Stay Lock tiles need no underlayment to provide a soft, comfortable workout flooring.  This is a plus because it saves time and money.  The tiles can be easily cut to work around obstructions or uniquely shaped rooms.  The tiles require no adhesives so, not only are they simple to install, they can be taken up and brought with you should you decide to relocate.  The typical lifespan of this type of flooring is twenty years.

So, Patty, would  you buy this product again?

“Not only am I pleased, but so are the members of my class.  I will be buying additional flooring in the near future to cover the entire area and I would recommend this flooring…My original flooring was not doing what I needed it to and it made it very difficult for everyone.  So I had to find a solution and the lockable flooring did the trick and increased my business.

Would you recommend Greatmats to your friends?

“I would recommend Greatmats to anyone!”

Thank you, Patty.  We know that you’ll be happy with your workout flooring for years to come.  It is also nice to know that, if something unexpected happens and a tile or two become damaged, you can pop them out and replace them without having to replace the entire floor.  Decades from now, when your exercise floor has reached it’s end, it can be reground and made into new tiles!

*Cue Elton John’s “Circle of Life” here*

StayLock Bump Top and Orange Peel

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, anti-fatigue sports flooring solution for your workout area, look no further.  StayLock is a hassle-free and great looking exercise flooring for a variety of different purposes.  Excellent for large or small installations, it can be used in both commercial and residential applications.

This multi-purpose flooring can be used in a temporary or permanent capacity.  You can place it over any hard surface.  You can even lay it down directly over carpeting with no problem!  It is easy to keep clean and requires no waxing or finishing which translates to very little maintenance cost.
Select this type of modular floor tile for industrial ergonomic flooring, athletic/cardio and aerobic floors, home gyms, basement floors, or anywhere a comfortable and easily installed modular floor tile is needed. This modular flooring features cushion ergonomic benefits to people who have to stand on their feet for long periods of time in industrial, athletic and standing work environments.
StayLock flooring tile is easy to connect together using a rubber mallet.  Anyone can put these modular floor tiles together. The tiles can easily be taken up or replaced as needed.  The typical life span of this type of modular flooring tile is 20 years or more.
This ergonomic flooring tile is so easy to assemble because it requires no adhesives or tape to keep it in place.  Its unique connection system holds tiles together tightly and perfectly flat to the floor.  The connectors are designed to keep the tiles from separating over time and will withstand daily abuse for years to come.
Install on any indoor flooring surface including concrete or carpeting.  You will get the benefits of superior ergonomic benefits in athetic, laboratory, industrial, or various other locations even without an underlayment.  This product is resistant to most acids and oils.
Cut StayLock to fit around obstructions.  Install in any configuration.

All colors are made from virgin PVC material. Black is made from material with a low percentage of recycled content. When the floor tile life span is completed, this material can be reclaimed and reground back into base material that can then be manufactured into useful products, which means this product need never go to the landfill.

Tiles are 1×1 foot and 9/16” inch thick.  Each tile weighs 1-1/2 lbs.  They are waterproof and have border ramps available.  These tiles are available in bump top and orange peel surface designs.  They come with a seven year warranty.

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