Staylock Perforated Tile Black

Greatmats Staylock Perforated Tiles BlackThis StayLock Perforated non-slip outdoor decking tile is a 1×1 ft modular tile made of soft plastic material. This tile is specifically designed for rooftop installations over rubber roofing membrane for residential and light commercial use. The Staylock Perforated Tiles delivers traction and comfort on wet surfaces such as rooftop decks, patios, spa, pool surrounds, shower floors, and industrial floors.  This modular tile is designed specifically for outdoor installations.

This tiles features an ASTM Fall Height Rating of 20 inches.

StayLock Perforated non-slip floor tile easily connects together with an active tab locking system that will not allow the tiles to separate over time. This modular, perforated floor tile is perfect for pool and spa surrounds because it is easy on bare feet and durable enough for tables and lawn chairs with feet larger than about 1.5 inches in diameter. The top surface of this non-slip tile will provide traction when wet and comfort for standing and walking.


Greatmats perforated tiles Black deck tiles underside

This deck tile is safe to place directly on top of rubber roofing membranes without damage over time due to the rounded edges of the under-structure of this tile. StayLock Perforated tile provides great drainage on any flat surface. Safely install this for institutional or residential outdoor swimming pools, patios, greenhouses, rooftops and decks. This product also works great for areas around spas or hot tubs.

Use this modular non-slip floor tile for industrial applications where workers may be exposed to a wet floor. This tile will provide an anti-fatigue benefit for people standing for long periods of time. This PVC tile is naturally resistant to most oils and many acids. Greatmats Staylock Tiles Perforated with yellow borders

StayLock perforated non-slip floor tile easily connects together and does not require any glue for installation. Easily cut this modular perforated tile with a sharp utility knife for wall-to-wall installations or to install around poles, table legs or other obstacles on the floor.

These modular non-slip flooring tiles can be separated and taken up or relocated easily, if needed. Also available in a designer look with your choice of several popular colors. This non-slip floor tile can be custom ordered in virtually any color desired.  Optional border and corner pieces are also available.

Black tiles are made from recycled content material and may contribute to LEED points in Green buildings.Greatmats outdoor non slip mats for decking Staylock colors


Staylock Perforated Tiles installed in Gaga Ball Pit

Greatmats perforated tiles in Gaga Ball PitGreatmats peforated flooring tiles for Gaga Ball Pit installation

Staylock Tiles for Kids Play Areas and Playgrounds

Greatmats Modular Decking tiles Staylock perforated patioGreatmats Staylock Perforated Tile Playground Flooring PlasticGreatmats outdoor tiles black staylock patio tiles

Staylock Tiles installed on Deck

Greatmats PVC Deck Tiles Staylock Perforated Black installed

Staylock Tiles – Flexible Outdoor Tiles

Greatmats dry deck tiles flexible black StaylockGreatmats flexible outdoor tiles black

Floorline Slip-Resistant Matting

Greatmats Plastex Floorline matting roll colorsPlastex Floorline Slip Resistant Mats can be used in restaurants, bars, pool decks, spas, airports, warehouses, assembly lines, and more. Floorline matting can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is resistant to chemicals, oils, and acids for use in factories.

Floorline mats are lightweight and economically priced. These mats are made with a flexible PVC vinyl with a textured open grid design and a cushioned hollow center. These features provides drainage, slip resistance, and anti-fatigue properties. The cushioning effect of Floorline matting also reduces the risk of damage to items that may be accidentally dropped.

Floorline matting by Plastex are in a roll that is easy to roll out for installation and can be easily cut to fit. There is no need to glue down this mat. Available in beige, white, red, blue, and green colors.

Greatmats Plastex Floorline matting redCertified Slip Resistance
ASTM F 1677: Wet/Dry 1.0/0.8
DIN 51130: R11, V10
DIN51097: Classification C

Floorline Matting 2 x 33 ft Roll
Floorline Matting 3 x 33 ft Roll
Floorline Matting 4 x 33 ft Roll




floor-line-surface-clsupGreatmats Plastex Floorline red matting retail storeGreatmats Plastex Floorline matting in tunnelGreatmats Plastex Floorline matting side view


Flexigrid Industrial Matting

Flexigrid Industrial Matting 2 x 33 ft Roll


Greatmats Plastex Flexigrid Industrial Matting RollOur Plastex Flexigrid Industrial Matting is one of the best industrial mats available. This industrial matting has an open grid design with a diamond tread textured grip surface with a high certified rating for drainage and slip resistance. Use this matting in tough industrial areas where liquid, debris, and metal shards are an issue. Flexigrid matting is resistant to chemicals, acids, and oils.

Flexigrid matting roll is easy to install, just roll it out. Plastix Flexigrid can be easily cut to fit. The industrial matting is manufactured with a flexible recycled PVC material that will contour to uneven surfaces. The matting can be used indoors or outdoors because it is UV rated.

Greatmats Plastex Flexigrid Industrial Matting RollFlexigrid matting by Plastex is 3/4 inch thick which is the thickest mat of its type. Flexigrid is available in various size rolls.

This industrial matting product can be swept or hosed off as needed.

Certified Slip Resistance DIN 51130: R11 ASTM 1677: 0.6/0.52
Excellent Drainage: DIN 51130: V10

Flexigrid Matting 2×16.5 foot
Flexigrid Matting 2×33 foot
Flexigrid Matting 3×16.5 foot
Flexigrid Matting 3×33 foot



Herontile Wet Area Tile

Greatmats Plastex Herontile Wet Area Tile for pools rollableHerontile by Plastex is a wet area tile for your pool decks, spas, locker rooms and more. Herontiles feature a click together mechanism that will create a seamless floor. When these tiles are connected together, they can be rolled up for easy removal or storage.

This tile is made with a soft Ethylene Vinyl Acetate making it comfortable to stand on with bare feet. Plastex Herontile contains SteriTouch additives to prevent fungal and microbial growth for a more hygienic flooring in wet areas.

The surface of Herontiles have a circular embossed design which increase traction. Herontile is 15 mm thick on strong support legs so that water drains underneath.

Plastex Herontile Tile beige close up pool tile GreatmatsHerontile is available in 4 different colors including ocean blue, light blue, light grey, and beige. The dimension of each tile is 1.08 x 1.08 feet. Herontile comes in cases of 27.

Regular cleaning is recommended for this product with an alkaline based cleaner and a brush or electric cleaner.

Slip Resistance Test Results
DIN 51097 Classification C

For similar products, visit our Wet Area Flooring page.

Greatmats Plastex Herontile Wet Area Tile bottom view



Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting

Greatmats Plastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting RollsPlastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting

Vynagrip matting by Plastex is a heavy duty industrial matting that built from high quality materials. Vynagrip industrial matting carries a high slip resistance rating because of the textured tread pattern. It also has a top liquid drainage rating with its open grid design that effectively removes liquid and debris. Vynagrip is chemical, oil, and acid resistant and can withstand the toughest industrial environments.

vynagrip-tread-surfaceVynagrip heavy duty matting is manufactured from two layers of non-porous, flexible PVC that are welded together to create very strong joints. This industrial matting is also UV treated so it can be used outdoors or indoors.

An independent one year study has proven that Vynagrip matting’s anti-fatigue properties actually boosts productivity of workers. This industrial matting will provide your employees with excellent cushioning. Vynagrip also has thermal and noise reducing properties.

Greatmats Plastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Greenhouse FlooringConsider Vynagrip matting for use in warehouses, factories, airports, marine use, greenhouses, and other wet areas.

Vynagrip is 15 mm thick and is available in various size rolls. It is available in red, blue, black, or black with yellow edges. This matting is made in the USA with a 4 year limited warranty.

Vynagrip is easy to roll out for a quick installation. This matting does not need to be glue down. Plastex Vynagrip matting can be easily cut to fit on site. It is flexible that it can be installed on uneven surfaces. Vynagrip matting is hygienic and easy to clean. Just sweep off or hose as needed.

Greatmats Plastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Factory FloorCertified Slip Resistant – DIN 51130 – R11, V10
ASTM 1677 – Dry/Wet 0.7/0.6

Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 2 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 3 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 4 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 2 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 3 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 4 x 33 ft
Greatmats Plastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial MattingVynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 2 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 3 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 4 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 2 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 3 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 4 x 33 ft

Greatmats Plastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial MattingVynagrip Plus Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black w/ Yellow Borders 2 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Plus Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black w/ Yellow Borders 3 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Plus Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black w/ Yellow Borders 4 x 33 ft


Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Roll

New Product: Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting

Greatmats Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Rolls Indoor Pool DeckHeronrib Wet Area Safety Matting is the best wet area matting system where barefoot traffic is common. Consider Heronrib wet area matting for indoor and outdoor pools, locker rooms, saunas, jazcuzzi areas, and other wet areas. Heronrib is an hygienic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal option. Heronrib matting has a open grid PVC plastic construction and is self draining.

Heronrib PVC matting will provide a warmer and more comfortable flooring to stand on. It has a embossed texture surface for slip resistance. This wet area matting can be used outdoors because it is UV resistant.

It is available in six colors including oxford blue, ocean blue, charcoal gray, forest green, mulberry red, and white.

Greatmats Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Rolls close up viewIt is recommended that regular cleaning occurs with an alkaline based cleaning product and a brush or electric cleaner. This matting is also easy to roll up for cleaning the flooring underneath it.

Available in sizes 2×33 feet, 3×33 feet, and 4×33 feet.

Slip Resistance Test Results
DIN 51097 Classification C
ASTM 1677 – Dry/Wet 0.6/0.6

Greatmats Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Rolls Indoor Pool Deck MatsGreatmats Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Roll close up


For other wet area products, please visit our Wet Area Flooring page.

Customer Review-Patio Aqua Tile

Tile over treated wood deck

As you can see by these photos, Al did a great job with his pool area using Patio Tile Aqua from Greatmats.  A perfect, outdoor wet tile, it is perforated so it doesn’t hold the heat and prevents water from puddling up on the surface.  It’s also a much safer surface for children than concrete.

“The tile made a huge difference,” Al says.  “It covered the aging concrete around the pool.  The tile over the treated wood deck worked great.”

Al covered 1860 square feet of pool area including the deck and the job took him only 29 hours.  Because these wet area tiles require no adhesive, it’s a pretty straightforward job.  Just click the tiles together and cut them off to fit around the pool area and other obstructions.

Tile around pool over existing concrete deck

“I’m very happy with the product and would recommend it to friends.  The only recommendation I would make is that the manufacturer look into making some nosings to finish the edge.”

(We’re actually in contact with the manufacturer about that very thing.  Al had to use 90 degree metal strips to finish the edging by the ladder that descends into the pool.)

“Otherwise, everything went great.”

Thanks, Al.  We appreciate your business.

Tile around pool – opposite end

Customer Review-Patio Aqua Tiles

Spring is finally here and summer is right around the corner.  Tommy H. is preparing to enjoy his pool area to the fullest by using our Aqua Tiles for his pool surround.  He’s also installing around a screened in patio and hot tub.

Aqua tile is a PVC product made specifically for wet area flooring.  Its perforated design allows for easy water drainage so puddles are not an issue.  This soft material also feels much more comfortable on bare feet than concrete or some other pool surround materials. 

Installation of Aqua tiles is a snap.  Literally.  Just snap the tiles to each other.  You need no messy adhesives.  When you reach the edge of the pool, these plastic tiles can easily be cut to fit with a utility knife.  Tommy used a pruning shears!

“I installed myself on weekends and at night,” he says.  “The biggest challenge was to cut around the kidney shaped pool.”

“Down in south Louisiana (where Tommy lives) the ground always subsides and cracks in the concrete are common.”  Aqua tiles are a great solution for this.  Available in four colors, green, blue, terracotta, and gray, they match almost any pool décor.

Aqua patio tiles are also slip resistant.  This is important for areas around pools because kids, whether we like it or not, are apt to run around.  It’s far safer to fall on these soft tiles than it is on concrete. 
Designed for common foot traffic, they can also withstand outdoor tables and chairs.  They are manufactured with UV stabilizers in the product mix.  This gives them better resistance to sunlight and keeps them from fading as quickly as some other pool surround products on the market.
Although designed for outdoor use, they can also be used in a variety of wet areas including basement showers or in spa areas.
We asked Tommy if he’d recommend Greatmats to his friends.

“Of course.  I have shown the results thus far to many residents in the Houma area.”

Thank you, Tommy, for your review.  We encourage everyone who has purchased our products to please send in a photo and let us know what you think.  We are determined to provide the best products and the best customer service possible.

Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Shower Tiles Soft Flex

Pamper yourself by combining fantastic comfort and a really great look with our Shower Tile Soft Flex rubber shower flooring.  Its unique, drain-through design provides excellent traction and feels great on your feet.  This wet area flooring is great for spas, hot tubs, shower areas, locker rooms, and other wet areas. 
Shower Tile Soft Flex is a unique solution to the need for a flow-through drain tile in your shower or spa.  A really soft, but extremely durable, PVC formula provides the ultimate in comfort. Its lightly textured surface is both attractive and provides additional traction for safety.  It is also an anti-fatigue matting.  (Taking a shower or spa shouldn’t feel like work!) 
This rubber flooring is simple to install.  It requires no special tools or adhesives.  Simply figure out how many square feet you need and cut the tiles as necessary for a complete wall to wall installation.  The ramp edges are used as a finishing touch.  Our simple Online Floor Planner can help you determine your layout and our friendly customer support staff is standing by for any questions you might have.  We’ll help you order the right amount of tiles for your application.
Shower Tile Soft Flex features a full-time antimicrobial material that resists mold, mildew, and any other unwanted “guests”.   This wet area flooring is made in the USA  and comes in a variety of designer colors.  We’ll be sure to help you find the color you’re looking for.
Soft Flex’s base construction uses pegs that raise the tiles above your flooring which allows for instant draining.  Simple, but rugged, snap-in loops make your assembly a quick and painless job.  Might move someday?  No problem.  These shower tiles are built to stay in place and look great for years.  When it’s finally time to go, simply unsnap them and you can bring them along to the next place.
Each tile measures 1 foot x 1 foot and ½” thickness.

Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.