Custom Made Gym Wall Pads

To provide safety and protection from gym walls, the most common solution is to use gym wall pads. These wall pads can be used in grade schools, universities and also commercial gyms.

Gym Wall Pads with Custom Shaped Column Pads

Gym Wall Pads with Custom Shaped Column Pads

Designed to Fit your Facility

Greatmats main Gym Wall Padding is available in custom sizes, cutouts, many colors and are equipped with a wood backing to allow for direct wall attachment. They are 2″ thick, have 14-ounce vinyl covers for excellent durability, optional Z-clip installation options and are made in the USA.

Our more basic option is a 4×8 foot x 1.5 inch gym mat with durable 18-ounce vinyl covers. They are available in a variety of brilliant colors. While these folding mats are suitable for floor use, they can also be attached to the wall to serve as wall pads.

When designing custom wall pads for your gym, you need to be mindful of areas that need to be accessed, such as wall outlets, light switches, fire extinguishers, etc. Our wall pads can be custom designed around your obstacles so that they attach perfectly while still leaving exposed the areas you need accessible. We can even custom pad your gym doors around the handles and windows for a non-invasive, clean installation.

Would you like your logo, team name, team mascot or other image on your wall mats? These can easily be added to your gym wall pads.

Special Padding for Poles and Columns

If your gym or facility has I-beams or columns protruding from the wall, these structures need to be padded as well. We have various options for these situations.

Column wall pads are available in the same colors and vinyl thicknesses as our standard wall pads. We can have the perfect sizes and shapes cut to fit to your specs for any random obstacle that your gym may present. Wood-backed and built of high quality foam and a thick vinyl,

Channel-Style I-Beam Pads use a channel design to wrap around the face and the edges of the I-beam. They are made with 3 inch thick polyurethane foam and covered with 18 oz vinyl coated polyester fabric.

Our pole pads and post padding is a common solution for covering steel support poles in basements and goal post bases on football fields. These pads simply wrap around the pole and connect back to themselves using a 2-inch hook and loop fastening flap.


Installing Your Wall Pads

Z-clips make installing your custom made gym wall pads pads easier. These innovative clips can be attached to the back of the pads by screwing them into the plywood panel backing. The other side of the clip is then screwed into the wall, making for a simple, clean installation. The mounting hardware is concealed behind the wall pads.

Thanks to the way that our wall pads are designed, the pads can be directly attached to concrete block walls or wooden studs. You’ll have plenty of ways that you can install the pads, even when you’re working with a concrete wall. Upper and lower lip options are also available so that you can easily replace and repair vinyl as needed, keeping your gym looking great and saving you from having to invest in an entirely new pad. Wall padding rarely requires special adhesives.

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Safe Room Wall Pads

Greatmats safe room wall padding installationGreatmats is a leading provider of custom made to order safe room wall padding for schools, home, and institutional settings. Work with our knowledgeable sales staff to custom design safe room wall pads that will meet your specific design needs. Safety is of paramount importance in safe rooms, seclusion rooms, isolation rooms, and sensory rooms. We are proud to be able to offer the top-quality wall pads that you need.

Safe Room Wall Padding

Greatmats gym wall pads and padding offer the best solutions for safe room wall padding. These wall mats are designed specifically to endure punishing athletic environments, where people are exerting enormous amount of energy and force. Our wall pads can even be custom fit to your safe room to cover virtually any wall surface.

Greatmats Gym Wall Pads for Safe RoomsOur wall mats feature a 2-inch polyurethane foam core, and are available with ASTM impact rated foam padding. The padding cover is crafted from 16 ounce phthalate free vinyl, and the covers are treated to be both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to ensure a healthy environment. The vinyl cover is puncture and tear-resistant, and these pads are backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Our wall padding ships with all of the hardware that you need for installation, and you’re able to choose from two different installation methods:

  1. Lip: Lip top and bottom pads feature a 1-inch lip at the top and bottom of each pad. This lip allows you to directly screw the pads onto the wall, or to use a 1-by-1-inch furring strip that is first attached to the wall, then attached to the pad.
  2. Z-Clip: Z-Clip installation utilizes a channel connection method. One channel is connected to the pad, and a receiving channel is connected to the wall. The Z-Clips are attached to the back of the pads. The Z-Clips are shipped with the pads, and screws for attachment are included. The Z-Clips are pre-cut to length, and the panels are pre-drilled to receive the screws, minimizing the amount of work that you need to do during installation.

You may also want to consider folding gym mats for your safe room. These are some of the most versatile forms of padding for high-impact areas such as personal safety rooms and martial arts facilities. They offer up to 2 inches of impact absorbing padding and can be used on walls, floors, or anywhere you need a padded safety surface. These mats, however, are harder to customize as they come in 4 or 5 foot widths and feature 2-foot wide panels, allowing for lengths in two foot increments. They may be an ideal lower-cost solution for solid walls, whereas our gym mats with more customization options may be used for doors and walls featuring windows. Folding gym mats can be used to create a safer and softer flooring.

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Basketball Wall Pads – Home Basketball Court

Quality Home Improvement, Inc – Christopher Moss

By Brett HartWhen Quality Home Improvement, Inc. owner Chris Moss was hired to complete a garage transformation for an indoor basketball court for the father of twin standouts Adam and Abraham Bell of California’s Twentynine Palms High School, he knew that the quality of his work and materials needed to be the best of the best.

wall-pad2x6-closeThe father of two of the top high school basketball players in the nation, Rickey Bell, wanted to create a space where they could pursue their NBA dreams by working on their game at home.

”They turned to Quality Home Improvement, Inc. to get the best of the best,” Moss said. ”We have done work for Rickey in the past, so we have an amazing trust factor going with this family. We were honored to be selected in this process. This is why we found Greatmats.”

wall-pad2x6Moss used Greatmats’ 2×6 foot wall pads as well as a couple of custom wall pads for safety behind the basketball hoops.

He said the Greatmats wall mats were ”professionally made, durable and good looking.”

As for the Bells’ reactions…

”They loved the entire process,” Moss said. ”It’s like being on an NBA court even though you are in a large RV garage.”

bell-kids-basketballMoss added, ”If I, or anyone else that I know, need a professional set of mats for a basketball court or anything outdoors that require protection, Greatmats is who we turn to.”

About Quality Home Improvement, Inc

Founded in January of 2016, Quality Home Improvement, Inc was started by Moss, a 24-year home improvement business veteran.
Running this all-purpose home improvement company, Moss has received more than 100 certificates focusing on energy efficiency, among numerous other certificates.

Christopher Moss
Quality Home Improvement Inc
Pomona CA 91767
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Moline Christian School Celebrates 100 Years with New Gym Wall Pads

School Gymnasium Gets Facelift in Honor of 100-year Anniversary

By Brett Hart

In celebrating its 100th year, Moline Christian School equipped its gym with new wall padding that featured its school logo, continuing the school spirit the establishment has been blessed with since Sept. 5, 1917.


”I absolutely love the art,” said School Circle President Courtney Joldersma. ”It makes such a great statement. It is clean and refreshing.”

When looking to update the school gym with new wall padding, the school gym/music teacher came across several online wall padding retailers but decided to go with because of three key factors – price, quality and customer service.

Moline Christian School, which began as a one-room school house with one teacher and 58 students knows quality when it sees it. With a tradition of quality itself, the school has grown to feature an enrollment of 260 preschool through eighth grade students and now has multiple classrooms, teachers and support staff.

”The mission of Moline Christian School is to provided a quality, Christ-centered education, equipping students for a life of service to their Lord,” Joldersma said.
Moline Christian school partners with its parents to teach its children the skill necessary leave a legacy of hope for the future in their church, state and society by ”Building God’s Kingdom Together.”

”The investment is substantial,” Joldersma said. And while they celebrate 100 years of faithful growing, she and her colleagues at Moline Christian School are confident that ”the reward is eternal.”

moline-christian-school-wall-padGreatmats Custom Gym Wall Pads at Moline Christian School
Courtney Joldersma
Moline Christian School
Moline MI 49335
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Get $100 off athletic flooring for your school!

Weight room flooring

Weight room flooring from Greatmats.

One of the most anticipated parts of heading back to school in many parts of the United States is the beginning of the fall sports season. Whether its football, volleyball, cross country or anything in between, Greatmats can help you train with the comfort and safety of high quality and stylish athletic flooring.

Two things all athletes share is the need for strength training and aerobics. While some activities may require a more concentrated effort on one than the other, the combination is essential for creating a well balanced, healthy and high performing athlete.

Schools and training facilities that best serve their student-athletes and clients provide a quality training surface for their pupils and take the proper measures to ensure those surfaces will last for years to come.

In honor of the back to school season, Greatmats is holding a Back-to-School Athletic Flooring sale on weight room flooring, gym floor covers, cheer mats, folding gym mats, gym wall pads and dance floors. For any order of these items totaling $2,000 or more before Oct. 15, 2015, Greatmats will take $100 off the purchase price.

Weight room flooring

While the vast majority of Greatmats’ dozens of weight room flooring options are made of durable 100 percent recycled rubber, it also offers foam options that will add greater cushion and comfort. Among the weight room flooring possibilities are straight and interlocking tiles, large mats and rolled flooring options.

Gym Floor cover

Gym Floor Cover from Greatmats

Gym Floor Covers

Protect your expensive hardwood gym floors with gym floor covers from Greatmats. Available in large roll out vinyl sheets or large carpet tiles, these floor coverings will ensure your gym flooring will not suffer the unintended abuse associated with using the multipurpose facility for non-sporting events such as school dances, banquets and ceremonies.

cheerleading mats

Cheer mats from Greatmats

Cheer Mats

Ensure your school spirit by protecting its biggest advocates. Greatmats cheer mats are designed for high school, university and professional practices and competitions. Providing a non-slip surface, fatigue relief and shock absorption, these mats help ensure your cheer squad (and their spectators) will get the most out of the cheerleading experience.

Folding gym mats

Folding gym mats can be some of the most valuable accessories to any training program, portable, easily stored and easily installed, these mats are ideal provide an added level of safety and versatility in nearly all training environments.

Gym wall pads

Wall pads from Greatmats

Gym Wall Pads

Ramp up the safety features for your most precious assets with gym wall padding, made in the USA of top quality materials. In addition to defending against injuries, wall pads are also a great place to showcase your school spirit with the ability to add a graphics of your logo or mascot.

Dance Flooring

Greatmats offers are large variety of vinyl, foam and plastic dance floor options. Available in large rolls, cut lengths and modular tiles, it’s easy to find the right flooring for permanent and temporary uses, all with easy installation. Sprung and rubber dance subflooring is also available.

Call our customer service team 877-822-6622 for more information on the sale or products.

A Wisconsin-based specialty flooring company since 1999, Greatmats operates using the Golden Rule of customer service, leading it to a A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 9.5 Trust Pilot rating. Greatmats offers professional customer service and quality products with the best pricing online, backed by a price match guarantee. Our national flooring experts will ensure you find the perfect athletic flooring for your needs.

Wall Pads

Wall Pads from Greatmats provide a layer of protection in schools and universities.  We carry wall pads that are wood backed and vinyl wrapped. These pads are available in various installation types including direct wall attachment and Z-clip installations. 

Greatmats also offers custom designed wall pads for larger scale installations.  Pads can be designed to work around windows, doors, wall cutouts, and light or fire switches.  We also carry custom column pads and pole pads for gyms or athletic facilities that have i-beams or other support structures along the walls. 

Our colorful, panelized gym wall pads will bring your gym to life. At Greatmats, we can add your logo, team name, mascot, or any other image across your wall pads. Bold and colorful, they will brighten your walls and fill your gymnasium with school spirit. 

These custom gym wall padding provide pro-caliber safety and protection for your high school or university gyms. They are solid, wood-backed, vinyl-wrapped gym wall pads. We offer these products in a variety of custom sizes and thicknesses. A standard gym wall pad is a 2 inch thick, cross-linked polyethylene foam wrapped in a durable 14 oz. vinyl cover. These are the same standard wall mats you will find in major universities across the country and around the world. 

Gym wall padding comes in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and sizes so you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. These pads are perfect for walls behind basketball hoops, in wrestling rooms, and on the walls of any facility where you want to show off your school spirit. Digital printing is also available so you can get the highest quality graphics available on your wall padding for gyms. 

If your gym is like countless others, you will probably find you have unique challenges to work around with your wall pads. Wall outlets, light switches, and other areas need to be accessible even after the wall pads are mounted. At Greatmats, we can help accommodate you with these unique needs. Our wall pads can be custom designed around your particular obstacles so that they attach perfectly while still leaving exposed the things you need accessible. We can even custom pad your gym doors around the handles and windows. 

Our wall pads will arrive with all necessary hardware included. No additional hardware will be required to install the pads. Our wall padding for gymnasiums can be directly attached to concrete block walls or wooden studs. Upper and lower lip options are available so that you can easily replace and repair vinyl as needed. 

Each wall pad panel is Class A rated for fire resistance. 

We also offer a heavy duty vinyl upgrade to 19 oz for excessive abuse. An outdoor mat is available with UV protection against the sun and an 18 oz. vinyl cover. These mats feature a 30 oz foam and a moisture-resistant composite wood backing. 

Our wall pads come in various installation types including direct wall attachment and Z-clip installations. You can also opt for a hook and loop attachment option. This allows you to take the pads from the wall and use them as folding gym mats on the floor. Greatmats also provides these pads custom designed to work around windows, doors, wall cutouts, and electrical switches. Column and pole pads are also available. 

Some gyms, wrestling facilities, and other athletic rooms have I-beams and other square, rectangular, or oddly shaped objects running along the walls. Some of these support structures are even placed a few feet from the walls. Obviously, these structures need to be wrapped in padding for the safety of your athletes. Customized column pads are a great solution to this problem. 

Column wall pads are available in the same colors and vinyl thicknesses as our standard wall pads. We can have the perfect sizes and shapes cut to fit to your specs for any random obstacle that your gym features. 

Wood-backed and built of high quality foam and a thick vinyl, our custom column pads are sure to last for years to come even under the challenging environs of gymnasiums. They are bright and colorful and look great in athletic facilities of all types. 

Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.