Staylock Perforated Tile Black

Greatmats Staylock Perforated Tiles BlackThis StayLock Perforated non-slip outdoor decking tile is a 1×1 ft modular tile made of soft plastic material. This tile is specifically designed for rooftop installations over rubber roofing membrane for residential and light commercial use. The Staylock Perforated Tiles delivers traction and comfort on wet surfaces such as rooftop decks, patios, spa, pool surrounds, shower floors, and industrial floors.  This modular tile is designed specifically for outdoor installations.

This tiles features an ASTM Fall Height Rating of 20 inches.

StayLock Perforated non-slip floor tile easily connects together with an active tab locking system that will not allow the tiles to separate over time. This modular, perforated floor tile is perfect for pool and spa surrounds because it is easy on bare feet and durable enough for tables and lawn chairs with feet larger than about 1.5 inches in diameter. The top surface of this non-slip tile will provide traction when wet and comfort for standing and walking.


Greatmats perforated tiles Black deck tiles underside

This deck tile is safe to place directly on top of rubber roofing membranes without damage over time due to the rounded edges of the under-structure of this tile. StayLock Perforated tile provides great drainage on any flat surface. Safely install this for institutional or residential outdoor swimming pools, patios, greenhouses, rooftops and decks. This product also works great for areas around spas or hot tubs.

Use this modular non-slip floor tile for industrial applications where workers may be exposed to a wet floor. This tile will provide an anti-fatigue benefit for people standing for long periods of time. This PVC tile is naturally resistant to most oils and many acids. Greatmats Staylock Tiles Perforated with yellow borders

StayLock perforated non-slip floor tile easily connects together and does not require any glue for installation. Easily cut this modular perforated tile with a sharp utility knife for wall-to-wall installations or to install around poles, table legs or other obstacles on the floor.

These modular non-slip flooring tiles can be separated and taken up or relocated easily, if needed. Also available in a designer look with your choice of several popular colors. This non-slip floor tile can be custom ordered in virtually any color desired.  Optional border and corner pieces are also available.

Black tiles are made from recycled content material and may contribute to LEED points in Green buildings.Greatmats outdoor non slip mats for decking Staylock colors


Staylock Perforated Tiles installed in Gaga Ball Pit

Greatmats perforated tiles in Gaga Ball PitGreatmats peforated flooring tiles for Gaga Ball Pit installation

Staylock Tiles for Kids Play Areas and Playgrounds

Greatmats Modular Decking tiles Staylock perforated patioGreatmats Staylock Perforated Tile Playground Flooring PlasticGreatmats outdoor tiles black staylock patio tiles

Staylock Tiles installed on Deck

Greatmats PVC Deck Tiles Staylock Perforated Black installed

Staylock Tiles – Flexible Outdoor Tiles

Greatmats dry deck tiles flexible black StaylockGreatmats flexible outdoor tiles black

Greatmats Sterling Rooftop Deck Rubber Tile

Customer Profile: Jews For Jesus Rooftop Deck Tile

Greatmats’ Sterling Rubber Rooftop Tile

By Brett Hart

Greatmats Sterling Rooftop Deck Rubber TileWhen Melanie Rose was tasked with finding a replacement for curled and tattered 3/8 inch thick EPDM roof protection mats at Jews for Jesus in Skokie, Ill., protecting the roofing membrane under their rooftop deck/patio was her primary concern. She researched nearly a dozen different kinds of roof mats and tiles before deciding on Sterling Roof Top Tiles from Greatmats.

After experiencing severe curling with the previous mats, the Chicago-area non-profit facility was looking for a material that would first and foremost protect the roofing membrane. As the thickest and longest lasting option, Sterling Roof Top Tiles were a clear favorite for Melanie and her Chief Administrative Officer at the San Francisco headquarters.

Among the factors that came into play were customer service, price and durability against foot traffic, furniture and weather conditions.

The eight-year-old roof protection mats to be replaced not only failed to protect the roof membrane after they began curling, but also became hazardous to walk on and left black carbon on the feet and clothing of children playing on its surface.

Greatmats Sterling Rooftop Tile Before and After Installation

All 11 of the mats considered for the new surface were interlocking mats, but the 2” Sterling Roof Top Tiles were the only ones with more than a 1” thickness. Melanie spoke at length with sales representatives from each company and was impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of her Greatmats representative who confidently pointed her in the right direction and sent her a free sample. She eventually narrowed her field of options to the Sterling Roof Top Tiles, Jamboree Playground Tiles and Puzzle-Lock Rubber Interlocking Mats, which she presented to her CAO to make the final decision.

While the Sterling Roof Top Tiles were more expensive than the rest of the options, she and her CAO felt the benefits outweighed the difference in price. What most impressed Melanie was the fact that the tiles were well made, dense, thick and had excellent drainage. They also wouldn’t fade, freeze or curl under the stresses of full sun exposure, extreme temperatures or snow that is so common in the area. To top it off, the tile comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

Once the tiles were ordered, Jews for Jesus, hired a local handyman and his partner to install the flooring, which took them two days to complete the project. Melanie’s opinion of the product after installation only got better.

Greatmats Sterling Rubber Rooftop Tile Terra Cotta Color”I was surprised at how beautiful it looked!” Melanie said. ”Even though the pictures on the website are nice, the real thing was more beautiful. … To see and walk on the entire deck of them was impressive.”

The newly resurfaced space is used as a deck/patio for a pair of apartments above an office.

”People are always coming and going and we have events on the deck,” Melanie added. ”The seams fit tightly together. It’s very, very durable. It’s comfortable to walk on. And we have the confidence that the roofing membrane underneath is fully protected.”

Melanie Rose
Jews For Jesus
Skokie Illinois 60076
For more on this topic please review our Roof and Deck Tiles product page.
Greatmats Sterling Roof Top Tile installed on roof

Roofing tiles and pavers: Rubber vs. Concrete

Rubber roof pavers are made with built-in legs that allow for drainage.

Rubber pavers are made with built-in legs that allow for drainage. They do not freeze or crack and are non-absorbent.

Roofing tiles date back to early Greek and Roman times, though their uses have evolved over the years. Originally made of heavy fired clay and installed using an overlapping pattern to keep water out of buildings, roofing tiles’ and pavers’ popularity expanded drastically in the 14th century due to their fire resistance capabilities. With the introduction of new materials, such as concrete and rubber, roof tiles and pavers have come a long ways in price, design and versatility.
There are several advantages to using a roof paver system on your flat room. Usually manufactured in 2×2 feet squares, roof pavers are easy to transport and install. They also provide a simple solution to wear and tear problems, as you can simple replace any damaged tile without the need to disturb the rest of the roofing surface. All roofing tile and paver systems are designed to allow for drainage beneath the tiles. Roof pavers can be easily uplifted to access the underlying roof surface for maintenance and/or repairs.
While roof pavers and tiles can be made of a variety of materials, – including fired clay, porcelain, stone and plastic – rubber and concrete are by far the most popular and versatile options for usable outdoor extensions of your home and/or business.
Here, we’ll compare rubber and concrete roof pavers.

Rubber roof pavers

Sterling Roof Top Tile Blue Rubber GreatmatsRubber pavers are made with built-legs that allow for drainage.
They do not freeze or crack and are non-absorbent.
The most economical roof paver material is ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber – known for its heat, ozone and extreme weather resistance. Often made with recycled rubber, these tiles are one of the “greenest” choices on the market. They not only take less energy to produce than most other roofing materials but provide the dual benefit of insulating and heat reflecting properties, saving the owner money on both heating and cooling costs. To top if off, rubber pavers can last from 30 years to upwards of 50 years. They are not susceptible to UV, wind or hail damage, and are 100% recyclable at the end of their lives.

Greatmats Sterling Rubber Roof Top Tile Paver bottom viewRubber pavers are typically made with built-in legs to provide proper clearance under the tile for drainage. Although rubber roof tiles can come in varying thicknesses, they are still relatively lightweight, making them more suitable for roof structures without extra support. Rubber pavers are often connected using interlocking designs or secured to each other using caulk to prevent wind uplift. EPDM rubber pavers do not freeze or crack and are non absorbent, so they will not mold or mildew. The textured rubber material provides a high-traction surface that can also absorb the shock of a fall, preventing injury to a person and/or damage to the surface below the tile. EPDM rubber will also shift with the existing structure as it settles, preventing cracks and leaks that may form with some other roofing materials.

Concrete roof tiles
Concrete roof pavers come in a wide variety of colors, styles and finishes giving you options for a natural appearance. Also durable, concrete pavers should last approximately 30 years. Concrete roof tiles and pavers, however, are approximately double the price and weight of rubber roof pavers and require small pedestals under them to allow for draining. Due to the extra weight, structural support of the roof should be assessed before installation.

While both rubber and concrete roof pavers and tiles provide excellent quality and durability with minimal maintenance, you’ll get more bang for your buck going the rubber route.

Greatmats Sterling Roof Top Tile installed on roof

Commercial Rubber Roofing Pavers Sale

The Sterling Roof Top Tile is a high-end, professional quality outdoor rubber paver. is offering an additional 5% off its already great sale price on Sterling Roof Top Tiles in any color. The offer brings our regularly-priced $32.35 terra cotta commercial rubber roofing pavers down to just $24.61 per tile and is good only through the end of May, so don’t delay! Call us toll free at 877-822-6622 for more details or to place an order. Our friendly customer service team his happy to help. is offering an additional 5% off its already great sale price on Sterling Roof Top Tiles in any color. The offer brings our regularly-priced $32.35 terra cotta commercial rubber roofing pavers down to just $24.61 per tile and is good only through the end of May, so don’t delay! Call us toll free at 877-822-6622 for more details or to place an order. Our friendly customer service team his happy to help.

The Sterling Roof Top Tile is a high-end, professional quality outdoor rubber paver. This 2×2 foot rubber floor tile is 2 inches thick and comes with interlocking edges for easy installation. Sterling patio flooring, made of durable recycled rubber, qualifies for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) points and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

DeckTop Roof Tiles

Create a recreational getaway on your rooftop or deck with DeckTop Architectural Tiles from from Greatmats.  These outdoor rubber tiles provide a great combination of good looks and functionality and installation is surprisingly easy.  DeckTop tiles can be installed over any firm flat surface even fragile, waterproof membranes without requiring adhesives.

DeckTOP tiles provide a durable and floating deck system that protects the roof from the elements and provides drainage.  This rubber flooring product is made from high density materials for excellent durability and puncture resistance.
These rooftop tiles are porous and permeable.  Rain and melting snow will quickly flow through the tiles to the waterproof surface below.  These rubber tiles are manufactured with robust drainage grooves molded into the base tiles that allows water to easily flow laterally under the tiles. These grooves also form a network of channels that are perfectly sized for wiring to be installed under the tiles.
DeckTOP are available in a variety of pigmented and premium EPDM colors.  Transition ramps are also available. Weighing less than six pounds per square foot, this material offers superior protection while also providing excellent thermal and sound dampening insulation.
Each tile is 1-3/8″ thick.  These outdoor roof tiles are resilient and slip resistant and also help to protect your roof or deck in public traffic areas.   DeckTOP Architectural Tiles are made from 100% post-consumer waste tires.  They provide an exceptionally durable and safe, low maintenance alternative to heavier, pedestal-type concrete pavers.  They are also great for patios and plazas.

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