Gracie Barra Sweeps 2017 AGF Springfield BJJ Championships

youth grappling AGF Springfield BJJ Championships 2017 Greatmats

AGF Makes Return to Springfield

May 26, 2017 — Gracie Barra claimed the 2017 Springfield BJJ Championships overall team title on April 29 at Weiser Gym on the campus of Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. The championship Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team dominated the competition by nearly 375 points with a score of 525 points in AGF’s return to Springfield after a 3-year layoff from the location.

Runner up Champs MMA earned 156 team points while Team LDMA was third with 128 in a field that included 300 competitors.

adult BJJ tournament AGF Springfield BJJ Championships 2017 GreatmatsChamps MMA gave Gracie Barra good competition in the Kids No Gi Division, staying within 30 points of the divisional champs. Once again Team LDMA was on Champs MMA’s heals, finish just four points out of second place.

Gracie Barra doubled up the competition in the Kids Gi Division, however, with 157 points, compared to 78 for runner up Champs MMA. Rubalcava Jiu-Jitsu clamed third place with 75 points.

The Adult No Gi Division was another runaway win for Gracie Barra, which defeated runner-up Kansas City BJJ by 93 points. Infinity Martial Arts was just one point behind Kansas City BJJ in third place.

AGF adults competing Springfield BJJ GreatmatsGracie Barra’s largest margin of victory came in the Adult Gi Division where it bested runner up BQuick JJ by 109 points. Republic Martial Arts Academy claimed third place, finishing five points behind BQuick JJ.

Top 10 Overall Team Scores
Gracie Barra 525

Champs MMA 156
Team LDMA 128
Rubalcava Jiu-Jitsu 123
Republic Martial Arts Academy 108
Springfield Fight Club 96
Combate Xtreme MMA 82
Team Fusion 81
BQuick JJ 74
Infinity Martial Arts 66
AGF adults grappling Springfield BJJ Greatmats
AGF Springfield BJJ Championships 2017 Greatmats
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Springfield BJJ Championships
American Grappling Federation
Springfield MO
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Soul Fighters Win Tight Jackson BJJ Championships Title Race

No Limit Gives Good Fight for Team Championship

May 26, 2017 — Fighters Mississippi narrowly slipped by No Limit for the overall team title at the 2017 American Grappling Federation Jackson BJJ Championships at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi on April 22 .

Soul Fighters finished with 349 total points, just 11 better than No Limit. Meanwhile Kron Gracie Jiu Jitsu of West Monroe claimed third place with 230 points.

No Limit was the Kids No Gi divisional champions, edging Florence Martial Arts Academy by two points, 75-73. Soul Fighters Mississippi was third in the division with 54 points.

No Limit also claimed the Kids Gi Division title with 138 points, compared to 91 by Soul Fighters and 51 by Kron Gracie Jiu Jitsu of West Monroe.

Soul Fighter had tough competition on its way to claiming the Adult No Gi Division Championship, topping runners up Gracie South and Kron Gracie Jiu Jitsu of West Monroe by just two points as both runners up finished with 70 points.

Where Soul Fighters separated itsself from the rest of the field was in the No Gi division where it hled a 55 point advantage over runner up No Limit, 132-77. Kron Gracie Jiu Jitsu was third with 70 points.

Top 10 Overall Team Scores
Soul Fighters Mississippi 349
No Limit 338

Kron Gracie Jiu Jitsu of West Monroe 230
Anthony Mitchell Jiu Jitsu Studio 159
Vector 138
Gracie South 139
The House MMA Academy 86
RCJ Machado 82
Florence Martial Arts Academy 73
Ross Martial Arts Academy 65


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2017 Jackson BJJ Championships
American Grappling Federation
Jackson MS 39202

7th Annual SUGA Alabama State Championships a Success

Henson Defeats Davila in Brown Belt Super Fight

South USA Grappling 2017 Alabama State Championships

April 19, 2017 — The South USA Grappling Association hosted its 7th annual Alabama State Championships on April1 in Orange Beach, Alabama. Capitao Jiu Jitsu dominated the 4-6 year old divisions for both gi and no gi.

Also among the highlights of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu event was John Henson’s brown belt super fight win over Josh Davila and the performances of the following standout competitors:

  • Roman Pizzolato (Purple Belt)
  • Rick Jerez (Blue Belt Master/Seniors and No Gi Intermediate)
  • Aly Arnandez (Blue Belt Female and No Gi Intermediate)
  • Kylah Rogers (White Belt Female and Juvenile)
  • Dennis Hughes (White Belt Adults)
  • Roman Ecker (Blue Belt Adult)
  • Mark Dominguez (White Belt Master/Seniors)
  • Weston Roberts (White Belt Juvenile)
  • Richard Chabreck (7-9 yr old Gi and No Gi)
  • Quinn Wilson (13-15 yr old Gi)
  • Colby Dufrene (13-15 yr old No Gi)

All South USA Grappling Association Tournament are equipped with Greatmats martial arts floors.

adults grappling 2017 SUGA Alabama State BJJ Greatmatsgrappling tournament SUGA 2017 Alabama State BJJ Greatmats2017 South USA Grappling Association Alabama State Greatmatsgrappling 2017 SUGA Alabama State Greatmatsgrappling action SUGA Alabama State Greatmats

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Alabama State Championships
South USA Grappling Association
Orange Beach AL
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AGF Has Strong Turnout at First Ever San Antonio BJJ Championships

Ohana Academy Cruises to Overall Title, Wins three Divisions

April 25, 2017 — Ohana Academy used its numbers to its advantage on April 8, when it competed in the American Grappling Federations’ first ever San Antonio BJJ championships at Mission Concepcion Sports Park in San Antonio, Texas.

Ohana, which had 115 entries, blew away the competition in the overall team standings, racking up 1255 points, 555 more than runner up Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ. BQuick JJ claimed third place with 660 points.

North Texas MMA (Magness) gave Ohana Academy a tough fight in the Kids No Gi division, losing to the overall champ by just eight points, with 73. Meanwhile, Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ was close behind with 70 points.

Ohana Academy compiled a large portion of its points in the Kids Gi Division, winning with a total of 532 points. Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ was second at 312 and BQuick JJ tallied 282 points for third place in the division.

BQuick JJ claimed the Adults No Gi Division title with 117 points, followed by Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ with 85 and Ohana Academy with 82.

The biggest point winning division for Ohana Academy came in the Adults Gi Division where it more than doubled its nearest competitor with 560 points. Rodrigo Pinheiro finished second with 233 and BQuick JJ, third, with 212 points.

Top 10 Overall Team Scores
Ohana Academy 1255

Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ 700
Bquick JJ 660
North Texas MMA (Magness) 505
Alvarez BJJ 426
Marra Senki Jiu Jitsu 324
Zombie BJJ 324
Guerra’s House of Warriors 320
Champions Factory 282
Mohler MMA 257
youth grappling AGF San Antonio Greatmats
grappling AGF San Antonio Tournament GreatmatsAGF San Antonio BJJ Championships 2017 Greatmatsadult grappling competition AGF San Antonio Greatmatsyouth competition AGF San Antonio BJJ Championships Greatmats
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San Antonio BJJ Championships
American Grappling Federation
San Antonio TX 78210
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Lovato BJJ Dominates Oklahoma State BJJ Championships

Cobra BJJ Grabs Second Place at AGF Tournament in Oklahoma City

By Brett Hart

AGF Oklahoma City BJJ Championships GreatmatsThe 2017 American Grappling Federation Oklahoma State BJJ Championships wrapped up on Saturday, March 4 with a landslide Overall Team Victory by Lovato BJJ.

The Champion squad racked up 1,666 team points while Cobra BJJ edged American Elite MMA 614-602 for second place at the Greatmats-sponsored event.

Lovato BJJ Swept the team title in all four divisions with the majority of its points coming in Kids Gi where it earned 567 competition AGF Oklahoma BJJ 2017 Greatmats

Amrican Elite MMA placed second in the kids Gi Division with 191 points, followed by Rock City MMA with 154.

Claiming the runner up spot in the Kids No Gi Divisiion was Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy, which edged Sandro Sampaio BJJ Academy 151-143.

American Grappling Federation 2017 OKC BJJ Championships GreatmatsIn the Adult No Gi Division Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy stole second place from Cobra BJJ by tiebreaker as both finished with 151 points.

Cobra BJJ, however, claimed sole possession of second place in the Adult Gi Division, pushing past Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy, 202-175.

Top 10 Overall Team Scores
Lovato BJJ 1666

Cobra BJJ 614
American Elite MMA 602
Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy 594
Triton Fight Center 488grappling AGF Oklahoma City BJJ Greatmats
Academy of Martial Arts 468
Clinch Martial Arts Academy 458
Guetho Texas 451
Rock City MMA 368
Alvarez BJJ 358

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AKF Spring Tournament of Champions: McCurdy, Kahl are Grand Champions

Elgin, Lexington Academies Well Represented at Spring Tournament

AKF Spring Tournament Drew McCurdy GreatmatsBy Brett Hart


Drew McCurdy, a third dan in Kyuki-Do from Elgin, Illinois, claimed his fourth AKF Grand Champion title for 18 and over competitors at the 2017 American Kyuki-Do Federation Spring Tournament of Champions in Huntley, Illinois on May 6. Meanwhile Logan Kahl, also a third dan, of Janesville, Wisconsin, claimed the 17 and Under Grand Champion honor.

”To qualify for Grand Champion, each competitor must participate in forms, weapons, breaking and sparring,” according to Master Rick Steinmaier. ”At the end of the black belt competition, the competitor with the most points is named grand champion.”

AKF Spring 2017 Logan Kahl GreatmatsCompetitors have the chance to earn points via 1st through 4th-place finishes in each activity, with first place finishes earning four points each.

Kyuki-Do Martial Arts of Elgin led the field as the school with the most competitors, making up 70 of the 260 total martial artists from 12 schools. AKF Lexington (Kentucky) Martial Arts also made an impact with 40 participants.

Mr. Lain Pontious of Huntley, Ill., was the winner of a free pass to this year’s Kyuki-Do Camp which runs July 7-9.

The 2017 AKF Summer Tournament of champions will take place in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on Aug. 12. Due to the AKF’s new dedicated Grappling and Throwing Tournaments, the grappling portion of the Summer Tournament of Champions will be open to novice only.


AKF Spring Tournament 2017 kyukido GreatmatsAKF Spring Tournament breaking board Greatmatsyouth board breaking AKF Spring Tournament Greatmats

2017 Spring Tournament of Champions
American Kyuki-Do Federation
Huntley IL
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South USA Grappling Louisiana State Championships a Success

First SUGA Tournament of The Year Provides Plenty of Highlights

2017 kids competition SUGA Louisiana Greatmats
Feb. 1, 2017 — The South USA Grappling Association’s first tournament of 2017 brought out numerous strong performances from grappler’s age 4 and up.
Highlighting the approximately 250 competitor field at Chappapeela Sports Park in Hammond, Louisiana, on Jan. 28, for the Greatmats-sponsored Louisiana State Championships were these outstanding athletes.

4-6 Year Old Division: Kamden Alford

7-9 Year Old Division: Levi Johnson

10-12 Year Old Division: Autumn Crews

13-15 Year Old Division: Kaleb Miller

Juvenile Blue Belt Division: Isaac Foote

Juvenile White Belt Division: Kyla Rogers and Daesia Belozerows

Adult Female Blue Belt Division: Rachel Beard

Adult Blue Belt Division: Jesse Roberts

Adult Purple Belt and No Gi Advance Divisions: Zachary Cothren

Master White Belt and Beginner Master No Gi Divisions: Reuben Billiot

Senior White Belt and Biginner Senior No Gi Divisions: Mark Dominguez

kids division SUGA Lousiana State Championships Greatmatskids competing Louisiana 2017 SUGA Greatmatskids competition SUGA louisiana state greatmatsadults grappling SUGA Louisiana State Tournament Greatmats

Louisiana State Championships
South USA Grappling Association
Hammond LA
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