Portable Marley Dance Floor

Portable marley dance flooring for stages
Portable Marley Dance Floor

Adagio Portable martley dance flooring is perfect for touring dance groups and recital performances on stages.

The portable marley floor from Greatmats gives dance groups a high quality flooring that is also a great option for temporary theatrical layouts. 

No matter what type of dance will be performed, the Adagio touring marley floor has the desired properties for tap, ballet, modern, Irish, and jazz. 

To make this professional quality dance floor easy to move, it is thinner and weighs less than the standard Rosco Adagio dance studio flooring.

Even with the thinner design, dancers can use any types of dance shoes on it safely as well as bare feet.

It’s non-glare surface takes out the sting of harsh stage lighting, making performances more enjoyable for audience members. 

Adagio portable dancing floors install quickly and easily over any flat surface. When installed over concrete, an underlayment of foam or rubber is recommended to provide just a bit of cushioning for dancers.

Before laying out the floor, allow the vinyl material to adjust to both the humidity and temperature of the space. Be sure to examine the sub-floor closely for protrusions or foreign objects on the sub-floor and remove them to avoid damaging your marley.

Once the seams are lined up straight, use vinyl tape to connect them together. Vinyl dance floor tape is easy to remove later. 

Alvas Matlay & Marlay Dance Flooring

Alvas Matlay Dance Flooring

Greatmats Matlay Dance Flooring Vinyl Black White ReversibleMatlay Vinyl Dance Flooring is one of the top choices for professional and home dance studios. This marley is lightweight and reversible with a non skid, matte finish on both sides. This flooring will work with many types of dances.

Matlay dance flooring is available in black/gray and white/gray. The full size roll is 6×60 feet in dimensions. Matlay flooring is also available in smaller sizes. This vinyl dance flooring is 1.1 mm thick.

GreatmatsGreatmats Matlay Dance Flooring Vinyl Black Gray ReversibleMatlay flooring can be used for temporary or semi permanent uses by installing with tape. Because a full roll of matlay weighs 120 pounds, it will make installation easier with at least two people. A hard, flat subfloor will be needed when installing.

Cleaning is easy and no special cleaner is needed. Just sweep and mop with 3 parts hot water to 1 part distilled white vinegar.


Alvas Marlay Dance Flooring

Greatmats Alvas Marlay Dance Flooring RollMarlay Dance Flooring is versatile and double-sided dance floor. This marley-type PVC vinyl flooring is great for many forms of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop and many more. Both sides of the Marlay have a matte finish and a surface texture that is not too fast and not too slow. This dance flooring is available in Light Gray/Dark Gray reversible.


When Marlay is used for dance, it is suitable for laying on a hard, smooth floor, but it is ideally paired and recommended with a sprung or floating subfloor to provide proper cushioning for dancers to prevent injuries.

    • Permanent: Weld seams together with welding rods for permanent installation. We recommend hot welding be done by a professional in order to avoid permanent damage to the floor.
    • Semi-permanent: A semi-permanent installation can be done with gaffers tape for the perimeter and vinyl tape for the seams.




For more dance flooring options including marley, portable tiles, and subfloors, visit our Dance Flooring category page.

River City Dance – Sheryl Baker Clogging on Adagio Marley Dance Floor

Standing Up To the Abrasiveness of Appalachian Clogging

By Brett Hart

River City Dance St Croix Falls WI Greatmats Marley Dance FloorDance, and especially clogging, is in the blood for St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin’s River City Dance studio owner Sheryl Baker. Now in her 40s, Sheryl has experience dancing on the stages of Dollywood in Pegeon Forge, Tenn., for six seasons, dancing for two years on the TV show ”The Old Midwest Barn Dance” and coaching several national champion soloists, receiving overall awards and gold medals at the AAU Junior Olympics, NCHC Championships and National Clogging Champions of America.

River City Dance Owner Sheryl Baker St Croix Falls WI GreatmatsGetting her start in figure skating, tap, jazz, ballet, and Appalachian clogging, Sheryl has been a national clogging instructor and judge since 1990. Sheryl was the recipient of the ”Glen Hill Pioneer Award” in 2006, recognizing her for her contributions to the clogging community in choreography, teaching and spirit. In 2013, she was inducted into the clogging ”Hall of Fame.”

In addition to River City Dance, the 30-year veteran of dance instruction also runs the River City Cloggers based on the other side of the Scenic St. Croix River in Taylors Falls, Minn., and a competitive team called The Clogging Premier. She caters to clients ranging from preschool to 92 years young.

river-city-dance9”Appalachian clogging is wonderful for all ages,” Baker said.

Baker’s clogging teams are known for their acapella clogging skills that combine the best tap sounds with rhythm and sound.

”Our team has the national title for the overall acapella team in the world,” Baker said. ”Our clogging nationals teams have won in some of the precision categories, hoedown categories and some of the line categories.”

Her 17-year-old daughter, Alyssa Keller, is also a two-time national champion in acapella clogging.

Finding the Proper Flooring for Clogging

River City Dance Greatmats Marley Dance FloorAs the popularity of Baker’s instruction grew, she decided to open River City Dance earlier this year and needed some quality flooring to meet the needs of this aggressive form of dance as well as other styles.

While searching for dance flooring online, she found Greatmats.com and was impressed by its descriptions of the types of dance flooring available and ultimately chose Rosco Adagio marley flooring.

”I was looking for a floor that was really durable and would stand up to an abrasive type of activity,” Baker said. ”It was very easy to install. It just laid down, and we got it installed very quickly. We opened our studio after two weeks of prepping the space, and it has really held up.”

river-city-dance2She was also impressed with the controlled slip the flooring offered.

”Because (Appalachian clogging) is so aggressive, and you’re picking your feet up so high, it does move very quickly, you’re looking for a floor that has a surface that has non skid. … The dancers risk falling if you’re on a slippery surface.”

”This floor in particular, the marley floor, is wonderful, where we can do our movements and not have fear of falling,” Baker added. ”I always welcome anyone to look up River City Dance. It’s a fun atmosphere.”

River City Dance also offers classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Fitness and Canadian Step Dancing.

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Sheryl Baker
River City Dance
St. Croix Falls WI 54024
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Midwest Starz Regional Dance Competition – Wisconsin Dells, WI

Dollhouse Dance Factory takes high point at Wisconsin Dells Regional

May 24, 2017 — Competitors in the Midwest Starz Dance Competition circuit got to preview one of its National Competition venues April 21-13 when they competed at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Wisconsin Dells for a regional competition.

”We used the new Marley provided by Greatmats this weekend and it looked great on our stage,” said Joe Crook of Midwest Starz. ”It was 50 feet wide!”

The high point winning dance routine came from Dollhouse Dance Factory of Sheyboygan, Wisconsin.

”We had a great three stage day on Saturday,” Crook said, noting that the event ran more than 900 routines.

The first of two National Competition will take place at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center June 14-18.

Highlights from the regional competition included:

  • Ages 12 Lg Hip Hop: Dollhouse Dance Factory’s routine ”VMA’s” 292.044 points
  • Ages 15-16 Lg Hip Hop: Kehl School of Dance’s routine ”Dia De Los Muertos” 290.366 points
  • Ages 17-18 Lg Hip Hop: Dollhouse Dance Factory’s routine ”Jacksons” 290.37 points
  • Ages 15-16 Line Hip Hop: Dollhouse Dance Factory’s routine ”Witches” 291.886 points
  • Age 11 Lg Hip Hop: Dollhouse Dance Factory’s routine ”Royalty” 295.38 points
  • Age 10 Sg Open: Barb’s Centre for Dance’s routine ”Cold Hearted Snake” 292.46
  • Age 10 D/T Lyrical: Barb’s Centre for Dance’s routine ”We Can Dance” 291.56 points
  • Age 10 Solo Contemporary: Barb’s Centre for Dance’s routine ”Dissension” 292.98 points
  • Age 11 Solo Open: The Dance Academy of Cedar Rapids’ routine ”Skeletons” 293.28 points
Midwest Starz regional dance competition Wisconsin Dells Greatmatsteen competing Midwest Starz regional dance Wisconsin Dells Greatmatsgroup competing Midwest Starz regional dance Wisconsin Dells GreatmatsMidwest Starz regional dance competition Wisconsin Dells Greatmats 2017dance group Midwest Starz regional dance competition Wisconsin Dells Greatmats 2017

To learn more about Greatmats-sponsored Midwest Starz Dance Competitions and its competitors, visit Greatmats Midwest Starz Dance Competition Resource Page.

Wisconsin Dells Regional
Midwest Starz Dance Competitions
Wisconsin Dells WI 53965
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Midwest Starz St. Louis Regional Dance Competition runs 384 routines

Expressions Academy of Dance Takes High Point in St. Louis

May 3, 2017 — Expressions Academy of Dance’s routine ”Bird” highlighted the Midwest Starz Regional Dance Competition in St. Louis March 31-April 2, 2017, as the high point winner with a score of 295.08. Meanwhile, Jo’s School of Dance claimed the Starzmenship Award for outstanding sportsmanship.
More than 380 routines were run at the three-day competition.

Other highlights included:
Ages 15-16 Solo – Contemporary – Imagine Dance Project’s routine ”Lamentum” – 288.74 points
Ages 17-18 Solo – Contemporary – Dance House’s routine ”Wicked Games” – 291.68 points
Ages 15-16 Solo – Lyrical – 5-6-7-8 Dancenter’s routine ”Tightrope” – 291.96 points
Ages 17-18 Solo – Lyrical – Studio L Dance Center’s routine ”Hallelujah” – 292.58 points
Ages 15-16 – D/T – Lyrical – 5-6-7-8 Dancenter routine ”Stand In the Light” – 290.08 points
Ages 15-16 – D/T – Contemporary – Dance House’s routine ”Let Me Go” – 290.22 points
Ages 9-11 – Sg – Jazz – Dance House’s routine ”Bo$$” – 288.28 points
Ages 12-14 – Solo – Lyrical – Expressions Academy of Dance’s routine ”The Scientist” – 280.46 points
Ages 12-14 – Solo – Jazz – Expressions Academy of Dance’s routine ”Saga” – 284.98 points
Ages 12-14 – Solo – Contemporary – 5-6-7-8 Dancenter’s routine ”Moksha” – 291.84 points
Ages 12-14 – D/T – Tap – Expressions Academy of Dance’s routine ”Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” – 293.98
Ages 9-11 – Solo – Jazz – Dance House’s routine ”Control” – 291.34 points
Ages 9-11 – Solo – Lyrical – 5-6-7-8 Dancenter’s routine ”Gypsy” – 285.5 points
Ages 9-11 – Solo – Tap – 5-6-7-8 Dancenter’s routine ”Rountable Rival” – 290.56 points
Ages 12-14 – Sg – Musical Show – 5-6-7-8 Dancenter’s routine ”Black Bird” – 291.82 points
Ages 12-14 – Sg – Contemporary – Expressions Academy of Dance’s routine ”Box Car Children” – 294.96 points
Ages 12-14 – Sg – Tap – Expressions Academy of Dance’s routine ”Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” – 293.2 points
Ages 15-16 – Sg – Contemporary – 5-6-7-8 Dancenter’s routine ”Piece By Piece” – 291.78 points
Ages 12-14 – Lg – Hip Hop – NiMoli Studio’s routine ”Fiddle Dee” – 293.58 points
Ages 15-16 – Sg – Lyrical – Imagine Dance Project’s routine ”(Dis)position” – 293.1 points
Ages 12-14 – Line – Musical Show – Image Dance Project’s routine ”Off Broadway” – 294.72 points
Ages 9-11 – Production – Open – Expressions Academy of Dance’s routine ”#BOOM!” – 296.06 points
Ages 7-8 – Solo – Jazz – Studio L Dance Center’s routine ”Raining Men” – 264.96 points

youth competition Midwest Starz dance St Louis Greatmatscompetition Midwest Starz dance St Louis Greatmatschild dancing Midwest Starz dance St Louis GreatmatsMidwest Starz dance competition St Louis Greatmats 2017midwest-starz-dance-competitions-st-louis5

Midwest Starz Dance Competitions are equipped with marley dance floors from Greatmats.

To learn more about Greatmats-sponsored Midwest Starz Dance Competitions and its competitors, visit Greatmats Midwest Starz Dance Competition Resource Page.

St. Louis Dance Competition
Midwest Starz Dance Competitions
St. Louis MO 63107
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Customer Review-Rosco Adagio Dance Flooring

Gary B. purchased some Rosco Adagio dance flooring from us for his professional dance studio.  Here’s what he had to say:

“We purchased rolls of marley flooring to put in our dance studio in our tap room.  The installation went very well.  We followed your customer rep’s suggestions.  The actual installation was completed in about five hours.”

Did you have any difficulty installing the product?

“The only difficulty was taping the marley underneath rather than on top.  We prefer to have the tape underneath as tape on the top tends to catch on tap shoes and get curled.”

We asked Gary if he is happy with the product.

“We are very happy with the product and will be purchasing more marley for an additional dance room that will be completed this fall.  This was purchased for a dance school business.  This room is used for tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and lyrical dance.”

Would you recommend this dance floor to your friends?

“Yes, we would definitely recommend this to friends.  Your customer service we very helpful and complete.  The shipping was well coordinated and timely.”

Thank you, Gary.  We’re glad you had a pleasant experience with our company.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

Dance and Stage Pro – Durable Marley Dance Floor, All Dance Types

If you’re in the market for a durable marley dance floor, Dance and Stage Pro has the durability and longevity you’re looking for.  Great for professional dance studios, it’s also a perfect stage flooring for theatrical performances. This durable, vinyl flooring material is the thickest dance floor we offer and we provide it at a surprisingly reasonable price. 

Choose this marley dance flooring for all dance types including tap, Irish, flamenco, modern, jazz, lyrical, ballet, ballroom, or even drill team.  It can be used with either hard or soft dance shoes.  If you’d like to use marley dance flooring for theatre or filming applications, it can easily withstand the weight of sets and camera dollies even if they are used on a regular basis.  If your dance or theatre troop likes to travel, you can bring your marley dance flooring with you.  Use a tape-down installation for temporary usage. For studios or other permanent applications, use a glue-down, heat weld for a seamless, no-tape floor. 

Dance and Stage Pro is available in four neutral colors so it will coordinate with any colorful stage set or dance costumes.  Choose from black, white, light gray, or dark gray.  The floor measures six feet wide by 60 feet long and weighs 280 lbs per roll.  If you would like a free sample of our marley dance floor, please feel free to call one of our professional and caring customer service representatives and we will be happy to assist you.

Please note that tap shoes with aluminum taps will leave black oxidation marks on all vinyl flooring material.  You will find this is more noticeable with gray flooring.  It is for this reason we do not recommend gray flooring when using this floor for tap dancing. Tap shoes with steel taps will not leave black marks but all tap shoes will leave some clear markings on the floor.  For cleaning purposes, we recommend Rosco floor cleaner which we also have available.  Just let us know!

Please keep in mind that this material should always be stored in an upright standing position when rolled up on a core and not in use.

Contact Greatmats at http://www.greatmats.com – 877-822-6622