AKF Spring Tournament of Champions: McCurdy, Kahl are Grand Champions

Elgin, Lexington Academies Well Represented at Spring Tournament

AKF Spring Tournament Drew McCurdy GreatmatsBy Brett Hart


Drew McCurdy, a third dan in Kyuki-Do from Elgin, Illinois, claimed his fourth AKF Grand Champion title for 18 and over competitors at the 2017 American Kyuki-Do Federation Spring Tournament of Champions in Huntley, Illinois on May 6. Meanwhile Logan Kahl, also a third dan, of Janesville, Wisconsin, claimed the 17 and Under Grand Champion honor.

”To qualify for Grand Champion, each competitor must participate in forms, weapons, breaking and sparring,” according to Master Rick Steinmaier. ”At the end of the black belt competition, the competitor with the most points is named grand champion.”

AKF Spring 2017 Logan Kahl GreatmatsCompetitors have the chance to earn points via 1st through 4th-place finishes in each activity, with first place finishes earning four points each.

Kyuki-Do Martial Arts of Elgin led the field as the school with the most competitors, making up 70 of the 260 total martial artists from 12 schools. AKF Lexington (Kentucky) Martial Arts also made an impact with 40 participants.

Mr. Lain Pontious of Huntley, Ill., was the winner of a free pass to this year’s Kyuki-Do Camp which runs July 7-9.

The 2017 AKF Summer Tournament of champions will take place in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on Aug. 12. Due to the AKF’s new dedicated Grappling and Throwing Tournaments, the grappling portion of the Summer Tournament of Champions will be open to novice only.


AKF Spring Tournament 2017 kyukido GreatmatsAKF Spring Tournament breaking board Greatmatsyouth board breaking AKF Spring Tournament Greatmats

2017 Spring Tournament of Champions
American Kyuki-Do Federation
Huntley IL
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Greatmats Gives Back to its Earliest Martial Arts Mats Customers

Greatmats Superfan Contest: Martial Arts Edition

Greatmats wants to honor its earliest martial arts mats customers through its Greatmats Superfan Contest.

Aug. 17, 2016 — Wisconsin-based specialty flooring company Greatmats is looking to honor its earliest martial arts mats customers. Founded in 1999, Greatmats has become one of the most respected supplier of martial arts mats in the United States. Starting with karate mats, Greatmats selection of martial arts mats has grown to including mats specifically designed for taekwondo, judo, jiu jitsu, grappling and mixed martial arts.

As a thank you to its earliest customers, Greatmats is offering an opportunity for anyone who purchased its martial arts mats at least 10 years ago to receive up to $100 in cash and have their story and/or business featured on greatmats.com and its social media site.

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Greatmats 1" karate mats

Greatmats entered the martial arts business with a line of karate mats.

Warriors United Tournament Circuit 2016

Dragon’s Den Mixed Martial Arts shines at Rumble on the River 3

Warriors United Tournament Circuit 2016

Rumble on the River 3 presented by Dragon’s Den MMA and Greatmats Martial Arts Floors

April 23rd marked the third annual “Rumble on the River III” Open Martial Arts Tournament at Scotty Hamilton Gym at Grafton High School. The Rumble is hosted by Shihan (Master) Eric Swick of Dragon’s Den Mixed Martial Arts in the Harman Center in Grafton, West Virginia.
This year’s “Rumble” brought in a record 204 competitors and 21 schools from the surrounding states including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky as well as West Virginia. The Rumble also had competitors from the USA Karate Team competing in the tournament.
The Rumble hosted events such as Board Breaking, Weapons, empty hand forms (kata), one point sparring (ippon kumite) and eight point sparring (Kumite).
Team Dragon’s Den brought home 55 first place finishes, 22 second places, 14 third places, 4 fourth places and 10 fifths. Team Dragon’s Den took home 2 of the 3 Grand Championships. Championships are under 18 under black belt and adults under black belt.
The “Rumble on the River” is part of a five tournament circuit called “Warriors United.” This is the second year of the growing Warriors United circuit. This year’s Warriors United Circuit and “Rumble on the River” was sponsored by Greatmats. All six rings were matted with Greatmats martial arts mats the same mats used in the Dragon’s Den MMA dojo (school).
In July, Shihan Swick will be taking Grafton’s best, a Team of 9 to the USA National Karate Federation Championships (USA/NKF) in Pennsylvania. USA/NKF is one of the world’s best traditional karate tournaments. Team Dragon’s Den has competed in the USA/NKF for the past two years and has brought home the gold on both occasions.
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Greatmats/Warriors United Featured Karateka – Keaton Detwiler

Keaton Detwiler - Culver Karate School

Keaton Detwiler has been practicing karate for 5 years and has won four state championships.

With the Warriors United Tournament Circuit’s Rumble on the River 3 tournament approaching on April 23. We’d like to take a look back at one of the top performers of the March 12 Connellsville Classic – the most recent Warriors United Tournament.

Fourteen-year-old Keaton Detwiler, an eighth grader at Connellsville Junior High, is a student of Culver Karate School in Connellsville, Penn., and was named the 2016 Competitor of the Year.

Karate Gold Medalist Keaton Detwiler

Keaton Detwiler going for gold on Greatmats 1″ thick Karate Mats at the 2nd Annual Connellsville Classic.

Detwiler, who’s been training in martial arts since age 5, has advanced to a brown belt and picked up four state championships along the way. Detwiler competes in Kata, Weapons, Sparring and Board Breaking with sparring being his favorite. He is currently undefeated in the Warriors United circuit.

A two-sport athlete Detwiler has also been playing soccer since age 6 and currently competes for the junior high team as well as both inhouse and traveling teams with the Connellville Soccer Club.

The Warriors United Tournament Circuit continues its 2016 season on April 23 in Grafton, West Virginia, at the Rumble on the River 3, presented by Dragon’s Den MMA. Tournament actions begins on Greatmats Karate Mats at 11 a.m. at Grafton High School. Two hundred competitors ages 4 and up are expected to represent 25 martial arts academies at the tournament.

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Warriors United 2016 Rumble on the River Karate Tournament

2016 Rumble on the River III – Sponsored by Greatmats

PMAA takes control of Warriors United Circuit with win in Connellsville

12887344_10153988356062230_39785905_oPennsylvania Martial Arts Alliance, featuring 30 competitors leapt its way into first place in the Warriors United Tournament Circuit standings after an outstanding showing at the 2nd Annual Connellsville Classic in Connellsville, PA, on March 12.

12499590_10153988356577230_1831380246_oMore than 30 schools competed in the tournament, bringing in excess of 200 martial artists to battle in breaking, weapons, kata, sparring, 1-point sparring and continuous sparring.

“The competition was amazing, and victory was very difficult to come by,” said tournament circuit director and PMAA owner/director Steven Morrissey.

Dragon’s Den Mixed Martial Arts, which won the team title in the season-opening Karate Classic in Morgantown, WV, on Feb. 20, slipped to second place in the tournament circuit standings.

Culver Karate Club currently sits in third place after showcasing 21 competitors at the Connellsville Classic.

In fourth place is the Fairmount School of Martial Arts, based in Fairmont, West Virginia. Powers Martial Arts of Wintersville, Ohio occupies the No. 5 spot.

Greatmats 1" Karate Mats at Connellsville Classic

Competitors at the March 12 Connellsville Classic made good use of Greatmats 1″ Karate Mats.

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Greatmats Photobomb Contest

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Dragon’s Den MMA wins Karate Classic in Morgantown

Dragon's Den Mixed Martial Arts Team

Warriors United Karate Classic Team Champion Dragon’s Den Mixed Martial Arts

The Warriors United Tournament Circuit, sponsored by Greatmats.com, opened its 2016 season with its second annual Karate Classic in Morgantown, West Virginia, on Feb. 20.

“With more than 160 competitors and 20 schools in attendance, the competition was strong all day and made for some excellent displays of martial arts techniques,” said tournament circuit director Steve Morrissey.

This dedicated group of martial artists competed in weapons, kata, team kata, sparring, 1-point sparring and breaking.

Dragon’s Den Mixed Martial Arts, based out of Grafton, WV, was the team champion and boasted 26 competitors at the event. The runner up in the team standings was Pennsylvania Martial Arts Alliance (PMAA) of Altoona, PA. PMAA entered 25 competitors.

Claiming third was the 19-competitor Culver Karate Club of Connellsville, PA. Fairmount School of Martial Arts (16 competitors) placed fourth, and Powers Martial Arts (10 competitors) was 10th.

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Andy "The Man" White

Andy “The Man” White

Draken "The Dragon" Swick

Draken “The Dragon” Swick

Greatmats offers $1,000 prize for Most Inspiring Martial Arts Story

Win $1000 for your inspiring Martial Arts Story

Most Inspiring Story $1,000 Giveaway: Greatmats Martial Arts Edition

MILLTOWN, WISC. – Every martial artist has a different reason for taking up the sport, and a different reason for sticking with it. For some, its all about fitness. Others have an unquenchable competitive spirit. Martial Arts are commonly taught for self defense and serve some who have been bullied or fear they might be. For some its more about inner peace or camaraderie. For whatever reason, Martial Arts have long helped people cope and conquer challenges in their lives.

Greatmats, a Wisconsin-based martial arts flooring leader, is seeking out inspiring martial arts stories to share how martial arts have served to help people overcome challenges.

The most inspiring story will win up to $1,000 in Greatmats credit or up to $700 in cash through Greatmats’ “Most Inspiring Story $1,000 Giveaway: Martial Arts Edition”. Greatmats is accepting submissions through Jan. 10, 2016.

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