Interlocking Rubber Tile 2×2 Ft x 8 mm Black

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles for Gyms

Greatmats Interlocking Rubber Tile 2x2 footInterlocking rubber floor tiles 8mm are an extremely popular rubber flooring option for home gyms and residential weight rooms. For personal work outs, it is essential that the flooring can withstand the rigors of machines and weights. Greatmats has just the product needed with our interlocking rubber mats!

The interlocking rubber floor tiles are 2×2 ft. in size and 8 mm thick. This size provides adds to the durability of the rubber flooring while allowing the product to still be easy to install and move. With a universal interlock design, these rubber tiles will lock together no matter which sides align.

Because of their durable, resilient surface and easy installation, interlocking rubber tiles are some of our best-selling rubber products. Weighing just over seven pounds, this rubber tile is easy to handle and installs with no adhesive. Cut interlocking rubber floor tiles with a common utility knife for a wall-to-wall installation. Interlocking rubber Greatmats Black Floor Tiles Rubber Interlockingfloor tiles are very easy to disassemble and move should they be needed to relocate.

Our rubber interlocking floor tile is made from recycled rubber material, is good for the environment, and qualifies for LEED points. Whether you need to install it in a large or small space, this mat is up to the challenge.

Available in 5 different colors, we have the right rubber tile to fit any interior design need. Interlocking rubber mats are offered in: solid black, 2 basic colors and 2 dynamic color (mixes of light gray/blue and tan/brown0. Our interlocking rubber floor tiles can truly be customized to the room around it as the colors are 100% black, 10% color fleck in tan/brown, blue/light gray, blue and Greatmats Black Rubber Floor Tiles 2x2 Ft x 8mmlight gray. Color options are a full 10% color fleck mix. For the two color combined color options, each color in the combination makes up 5% of the blend. These interlocking rubber mats come with a 5 year limited warranty.

This durable, thick and portable interlocking rubber flooring tile is perfect for home gyms, basement floors and garages. Actual tile coverage after interlocking 23×23 inches. Our interlocking rubber flooring tiles feature a tile coverage of 3.67 square feet after interlocking the tiles together. To help calculate the tile count for your room, you can use our interactive Floor Plan Designer. For larger commercial rubber gym floors where an interlocking rubber floor tile is needed, we recommend our larger Geneva line of 3×3 foot rubber tiles.

Greatmats Interlocking Rubber Floor TilesGreatmats offers these interlocking rubber flooring tiles at the most competitive prices available. Please speak with customer service about quantity availability for larger installations.






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Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tile – 2×2 Ft x 8 mm

Greatmats is excited to announce a new product called, interlocking rubber flooring tile as a 2×2 ft x 8 mm thick rubber tile. This interlocking rubber tile offers a durable and safe flooring that will perform in a home gym floor or in a commercial gym facility.

Interlocking rubber flooring comes in two dynamic color mixes of light gray and blue or tan and brown. Both color options are a full 10% color fleck mix with each color in the combination making up 5% of the blend. You may also opt for solid black for quick shipping time frame, direct from our warehouse to your door. This rubber flooring tile can ship via ground or freight service to save on shipping costs.

This durable rubber flooring is a full 8 mm thick which is just under 3/8 inch. This product is an excellent rubber flooring for your home gym, professional facility, basement floor or garage.  This type of rubber tile is tough enough to be installed in commercial gyms and weight rooms with stationary exercise equipment.

Interlocking rubber flooring tiles feature an interlocking installation method which requires no glue or tape. The rubber is made from recycled rubber material and is bonded together with a urethane based material that does not off gas a heavy rubber smell like other sulfur based rubber floor tiles. Tile seams are smooth and tight so they don’t present a tripping hazard.

Please note that interlocking rubber flooring is stocked as a quick-shipment item. If you have questions about availability for larger, commercial installations, please call one of our professional and caring customer service representatives to discuss your options. – 877-822-6622