Turbo Garage Floor Tile Diamond


Diamond Turbo Garage Floor Tiles are interlocking tiles that are designed and built to hold heavy cars and trucks. They are rated to hold over 20,000 pound vehicles. These tiles are engineered to resist oil, gas and other automotive fluids. Turbo Tiles are manufactured in the USA from a copolymer polypropylene plastic with 100% virgin raw materials. These garage floor tiles are UV stable and stain resistant.

The garage flooring is 1×1 feet in size and 1/2 inch thick. Each tile weighs only 3/4 of a pound. Turbo Garage Tile have a 6 tab interlocking system, making them less likely to separate and cause gaps in your floor. Just snap the tiles together for an easy do-it-yourself installation.

Greatmats Turbo Garage Tile installed black and grayTurbo Garage Tiles are available in a variety of colors. They also have ramp edges and corners that snap on to the exposed edges of the tiles to provide a smooth, clean, and professional look. These ramp edges and corners are available in the same color options as the tiles including black, beige, blue, green, orange, purple, red, silver, terra cotta, yellow, and white.

They can also be used for warehouses, workshops, factories, showrooms, car shows, airplane hangers, firehouses, mechanic shops, trailers, man caves, laundry rooms, trade shows, and more!

You can trust that these tiles are built to last with the 10 year limited warranty.

Greatmats turbo garage tile motorcycle parking padGreatmats turbo garage tile purple and silver flooringGreatmats turbo garage tile Harley Davidson themedGreatmats Turbo Garage Tile checkerboard lookGreatmats Turbo Garage Tile blue and silverGreatmats Turbo Garage Tile workshopGreatmats Turbo Garage TileGreatmats speedway turbo garage tile black

Perforated Click Garage Tile

Drain Through Garage Tile

Greatmats interlocking perforated garage tileGreatmats Perforated Click Garage Tile is manufactured from durable no-break polypropylene and rated for 10,000 pounds per SF. This drainage interlocking garage flooring tile features an octagon angled rib that is unique to the industry and provides additional grip when the tiles are wet. Water will drain through this tile very quickly and the top surface of this tile will not hold any moisture. This plastic interlocking garage floor tile an excellent choice for wet areas for automotive and foot traffic.

Greatmats red perforated ribbed garage floor tileThese garage tiles are rigid and will not flex when vehicles are driven on them. These tiles are 5/8 inch thick and 1.01 x 1.01 feet in size. Perforated Click Garage Tiles are available in black, red, and grey colors.

Our unique interlocking snap together tile design is computer engineered for repeated installations without degradation to the interlocking tabs on the tiles. You can easily take this tiles apart and use them for portable flooring at car shows. These tiles can also be cut to size if necessary.

Border and corner ramps are available in black for this product.

For other garage tiles, visit our garage flooring page.

Greatmats perforated garage floor tile installedGreatmats red black gray perforated ribbed garage floor tileGreatmats drain through garage tile click togetherGreatmats garage tile perforated grayGreatmats underside of perforated garage tile

Garage Floor Tile Diamond

Greatmats garage floor covering tiles black and light gray snap floorIf you’re looking for the best garage floor tile on the market for quick assembly and disassembly, you’ve found it with Greatmats Garage Floor Tile Diamond. These snap together garage flooring tiles offer a classy look with quality to match.

Designed to handle more than 10,000 pounds of static weight, Greatmats Garage Floor Tile Diamond is extremely durable. With its unique tab and loop connector system, it takes no more than a tap of the foot to connect the tiles tightly together. If you are using the flooring for a car show or special event where you’ll want to remove and transport them often, you’re in luck. Just lift the garage tiles and give them a little shake and the floor will start to disassemble with ease.

Greatmats Garage Floor Tile Diamond ColorsUse the garage flooring tile system for home garages, show rooms, car or motorcycle shows, trade shows and more. This event floor style garage flooring is great for both permanent and temporary installations.

The tiles are equipped with a slip resistant triple diamond tread surface texture you’ll love and are available in eight different color options including black, light gray, dark gray, yellow, red, orange, and metallic. Greatmats also offers this same garage floor tile with a coin top surface.

The polypropylene plastic material creates waterproof garage floor tiles. This feature is enhanced by the fact that it is a floating garage floor which is raised more than a half inch off the floor utilizing circular pedestals on the underside of the tile. This allows for water and airflow beneath the garage floor in event of flooding or moisture.

Greatmats portable garage floor tiles black and light greyAt 1×1 foot in size, the diamond floor tiles weigh just under 1 pound each. The raised garage floor tiles are easy to transport and install by a single person, although having an extra hand never hurts in speeding up the process.

Greatmats Garage Floor Tile Diamond floor tiles are Made in the USA and carry a 5 year warranty. This garage floor covering is also easy to clean with a damp mop and common floor cleaners.


Easy to Install Garage Flooring

Greatmats garage mats tiles black and light gray snap floorGreatmats snap together garage flooring easy installation

Garage Floor Tile Diamond installed in garage

Greatmats waterproof garage floor tiles black and light grayGreatmats floating garage floor tiles black and light gray

Garage Flooring Tiles in a Tattoo Studio

Greatmats garage tiles black and light gray in studio

Garage Tile with optional ramped border edges

Greatmats checkerboard garage floor tiles black and grey

Triple Diamond Surface Garage Flooring

Greatmats garage floor tiles black and gray diamond topGreatmats garage floor materials blue tileGreatmats Garage floor mats tiles diamond gray and blackGreatmats black diamond floor tile garage

PVC Coin Floor Tile Garage Warehouse 20×20 Inch

Interlocking PVC Coin Floor Tile for Garages & Warehouses

Greatmats PVC Plastic Coin Floor Tile Garage Warehouse Black and Grey InterlockingPVC Coin Floor Garage Warehouse Tiles are ideal for garages and warehouses. Use these tiles to cover your old cracked garage concrete floor with this flexible garage flooring. These garage tiles have a slightly raised coin top surface which lessens the amount of scuffing from foot and vehicle traffic and increases traction.

This warehouse floor tile is 4.5 mm thick and made from recycled PVC plastic material. PVC Coin Floor Tiles are resistant to oils, gas, and chemicals. These tiles will not be affected by heat, cold, or humidity. The garage floor tiles are available in black or grey.

Greatmats PVC Plastic Garage Floor Tile Gray InterlockingThese plastic garage floor tiles feature an interlocking  design for easy installation.  These tiles are 20 by 20 inches which is larger than typical 1 by 1 foot garage tiles which means there will be less tiles for you to install. No adhesive is needed to install these tiles. And because they are so easy to install, they are also easy to take apart and move if needed.


Greatmats black flexible garage floor tile coin top

Greatmats PVC Plastic Garage Floor Tile Black Backside

Greatmats PVC Plastic Garage Floor Tile Black Backside




Customer Profile: Autobody Specialist Mark Lund

Kicking Cancer and Taking Frames – The Mark Lund Story

By Brett Hart

A cancer diagnosis brought a lifelong career of auto-body and collision repair work into extreme focus for 66-year-old Mark Lund of Eleva, Wisconsin.

In June of 2013 Lund was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and was forced to undergo chemo and radiation treatment as well as a surgery to remove his esophagus and part of his stomach. Providing him comfort and purpose in his time of recovery was his friend Zeldaa, the disassembled remains of a 1967 Mustang 289 Automatic Fastback he had purchased six years earlier.

Zeldaa was essentially a pile of rusted out, non-functional parts, but she ”urged” Mark to rebuild her into the crown jewel of Mustangs. By 2016, Lund had replaced or custom built nearly every part of Zeldaa, who he had equipped with vented fenders, an exhaust through rocker panel, 4-link rear suspension and a 427 Tri-power engine.

Why Zeldaa?

1967 Ford Mustang Shelby 427 Fastback Greatmats Diamond Garage Floor Tiles”I wanted a name to differentiate my car from the famous ‘Eleanor,’ from the movie ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’. My car may look somewhat like Eleanor, but she is a one-of-a-kind.”

Wanting his fellow car buffs to see what he had done for his baby, he decided to start showing Zeldaa at local and regional car shows. Garnering 5 best of shows in local Chippewa Valley car shows, Zeldaa began to draw a lot of attention.

So under strong suggestion by other car enthusiasts, Mark upped his game and entered five larger shows in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. Each time, Zeldaa turned heads and claimed Best of Show honors.

In addition to Best of Show, Zeldaa was also snatching up trophies for Designated Class, Best Paint and Participants’ Choice.

Judges were amazed by the workmanship of the car, saying they ”have never seen a perfect 500-point car before.”

Coupe Car Greatmats Garage Floor Tiles CheckerboardMark and his wife, Candy, who recently retired from education, found attending the car shows a perfect getaway, and Candy decided to show another of Mark’s projects alongside Zeldaa, a 1932 Ford Coupe. The ’32 5-window coupe held its own at the shows as well, winning awards for Best Antique, 1st in Class, People’s Choice and Best Rendition.

The couple recently traveled as far away as Sevierville, Tennessee, to enter Zeldaa in the ”2017 Ponies in the Smokies” where she took on 280 other Mustangs and emerged with another Best of Show performance.

Greatmats Diamond Garage Floor Tiles Truck in GarageIn addition to his vehicles, Mark has begun upping his display game as well, starting with 2017 Invitational Custom Auto Show in La Crosse, Wisc., – Zeldaa’s first indoor car show.

”At indoor shows, convention center types of shows, the display is critical,” Mark said. ”Some people have as much money into their display as they have in their car.”

Mark and Candy borrowed a worn out black and white checkered dance floor which just may have had a similar history as Zeldaa. After hours of cleaning, they got the floor in reasonable shape for use in his display and earned ”Best Display” award in both class and show – in addition to the usual Best of Show, 1st Place in Designated Class, Best Paint in Class and Best Interior in Class awards.

Always a perfectionist, Mark was frustrated by the bulkiness and clumsiness of the dance floor, but felt he was on the right track for look. He knew he didn’t want to use the carpet or linoleum rolls he had seen others use because they leave distracting dirty, rolled up or raw edges.

Mark Lund installing Greatmats Garage Floor Tiles CheckerboardThat’s when he discovered Greatmats Garage Floor Tiles with a diamond patterned top. The snap together modular tiles are lightweight, fast and easy to assemble and easy to create the design he wanted in his display floor.

They also provide the professional look he wanted to accompany Zeldaa.

”I’m sure glad I found this floor,” Mark said. ”I know what the heck to do now when I go to these indoor shows. By golly, this is going to be slick. … I’ll have the perfect floor. Easy – the wife and I can put this up this up in 5 minutes – put it away. … This is the cat’s meow.”

Family Legacy

Greatmats Diamond Garage Floor Tiles Car in GarageMark has been in the auto body and collision repair industry for 50 years, following in the footsteps of his father, who owned a machinery/truck and car sales/salvage yard. Mark has worked his entire life with painting and building vehicles, including pickups and motorcycles.
Combine those skills with an artistic mind, and Mark is the perfect weapon against ”same old, same old” rebuilt cars.

While he hasn’t kept track of just how many vehicles he’s rebuilt or restored, he knows of at least 25 he’s made for himself or to sell – most of which are Mustangs from the 60s and 70s. Mark estimates each a complete restoration takes him about 2,000 hours (or 2 years).

When not diving into his passion for Fords, Mark has also worked on a number of Corvettes, Camaros and Chevelles in addition to building custom Harley Davidson motorcycles which have been featured in numerous magazines.

Red Motorcycle with Greatmats Garage Floor Tile Diamond TopAmong his motorcycle show awards are Best in Show and 1st Place finishes in the:
– Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Celebration,
– Chicago’s World’s Largest Bike Show, and
– Sturgis SD

He’s also passed along the family legacy to a third generation – in his son, Andy, who runs his own custom motorcycle shop and parts business just down the road from Mark.

”I’m still waiting for inspiration to get here,” Mark jokes as he continues to travel the country purchasing damaged vehicles for restoration.

Candy said, ”He just knows what looks good and is able to transform that with his talents of using his hands.”

Mark Lund
Self Employed
Eleva WI 54738
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Garage Floor Tiles Diamond

The leading choice of Indy and Indy Light racing teams, Garage Floor Tiles Diamond are amazingly easy to install.  This versatile flooring requires no adhesive for installation; just snap them into place like a large puzzle and you’re done. Whatever your category of floor, Garage Floor Tiles Diamond is an ideal solution for your indoor and outdoor applications, whether temporary or permanent.  Its polypropylene, high-impact design ensures that it will perform and last.
No preparation is needed for install.  Simply lay this flooring directly over cracks or uneven surfaces in minutes.  These garage floor tiles are strong enough to support cars or small trucks on jacks and jack stands for years at a time.  They are easy to clean.  These garage floor tiles are not damaged or stained by most chemicals including oil, grease, brake fluid, petroleum products, or battery acid.  With its non-slip surface and anti-fatigue properties, this is a floor to work on! 
Garage Floor Tiles Diamond are an excellent flooring solution for both indoors and outdoors and can be used just about anywhere. The durability and easy clean-up permits the garage floor tiles to be used for a wide range of categories and its attractive appearance looks great in any room.  Not only excellent for garages, this flooring can be used in workshops, dealerships, showrooms, trade show booths, as tent flooring, RV’s and campers, patios…you name it!
These garage floor tiles are lightweight so you can install and uninstall them easily.   Since they require no adhesive, they are portable so you can bring them with you or place them in another room.  They provide a professional, stylish appearance and come with a 10-Year Limited Warranty.  (5 for outdoor use.)  Waterproof and chemical resistant.  UV resistant and ok for outside.
Contact Greatmats at http://www.greatmats.com – 877-822-6622.