Midwest Starz Regional Dance Competitions – Green Bay, Wisc.

Heart of the Valley Dance Academy Take High Point Award

April 26, 2017 – The Midwest Starz Dance Competition took its show to KI Convention center Green Bay, Wisconsin, March 24-26 for its 11th competition of 2017.

Highlighting the competition was the high point winning Solo Jazz routine ”I Want You” from Heart of the Valley Dance Academy in the 15-16 year old division. Studio Y won the Starzmanship award for outstanding sportsmanship.

Other Highlights included:
Ages 9-11 Solo – Lyrical winner Manty Dance’s routine ”Grace of God” – 271.74 points
Ages 9-11 D/T – Jazz winner Studio L’s routine ”Wings” – 272.74 points
Ages 9-11 Sg – Hip Hop winner Ignite Dance Studio’s routine ”Spice It Up” – 280.46 points
Ages 9-11 SG – Tap winner Ignite Dance Studio’s routine ”Shake Ya Body” – 281.46
Ages 12-14 Solo – Hip Hop winner Studio Y’s routing ”Trndsttr” – 271.24
Ages 12-14 Solo – Jazz winner Ignite Dance Studio’s routine ”Bird Song” – 288.06
Ages 12-14 Solo – Lyrical winner Kaleidoscope Dance Studio’s routine ”Rise Up” – 291.14
Ages 12-14 Solo – Open winner Transcendence Dance Company’s routine ”Galactic” – 290.14
Ages 12-14 Solo – Contemporary winner Transcendence Dance Company’s routine ”Day Dream” – 296.12
Ages 15-16 Solo – Hip Hop winner Studio Y’s routine ”Rock Your Body” 290.86
Ages 15-16 D/T – Tap winner Heart of the Valley Dance Academy’s routine ”Can You Feel It” – 290.68
Ages 17-18 Solo – Contemporary winner All That Dance Inc’s routine ”Heal” – 290.34

youth tapdance Midwest Starz dance Green Bay GreatmatsMidwest Starz dance competition Green Bay Greatmatsballet Midwest Starz dance competition Green Bay GreatmatsMidwest Starz dance competition Green Bay GreatmatsMidwest Starz dance competition Green Bay Greatmats Dance Flooring
Midwest Starz Dance Competitions are equipped with marley dance floors from Greatmats.

To learn more about Greatmats-sponsored Midwest Starz Dance Competitions and its competitors, visit Greatmats Midwest Starz Dance Competition Resource Page.

Green Bay Regional Dance Competition
Midwest Starz Dance Competitions
Green Bay WI 54301
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Midwest Starz Regional Dance Competition – Inver Grove Heights, MN

D.D.’s Dance Studio is High Point Winner

April 26, 2017 — The Midwest Starz Dance Competition took its show to the Simley High School Theater in Inver Grove Heights March 24-26 for its 10th competition of 2017.

Highlighting the competition of 265 routines was the high point winning ”Magnatize” routine from D.D.’s Dance Studio which scored a 295.528 in the contemporary field for 12-14 year olds.. D.D.’s Dance studio also own the solo contemporary category with its routine ”Castle” which scored a 290.86.

Stacey’s Studio of Dance had numerous highlights. It recorded a score of 276.33 with its routine ”Opportunity” to top the Solo Lyrical field for 9-11 year olds. It also added a score of 280.702 for its Musical Show routine ”Consider Yourself” in the same age bracket. Its 9-11 year old Open routine ”Robots” produced a score of 284.294. Stacey’s Studio of Dance continued to set itself apart from the competitions in the 12-14 year old lyrical field with its ”Beside You” routine, which finished with a score of 288.522, and its 12-14-year old Musical Show routine ”The Chorus Girls” (293.094). These are just of few of its winning routines.

Janet Lang Dance Studio won the solo contemporary category for 15-16 year olds with a ”Can’t Stop the Gods” routine that scored a 292.28, and earned a score of 233.696 in Pointe for 15-16 year olds with its routine ”Unpredictable.” Janet Lang Dance Studio also tallied a 291.282 in 17-18 year old tap with a routine called ”Goody Two Shoes.”

The competition featured all kinds of dance including:

  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Tap
  • Musical Show
  • Hip Hop
  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Acrobatic
  • Novelty/Character
  • Pointe
  • Song & Dance
  • Open
headstand Midwest Starz Inver Grove Heights dance contest Greatmats Dance FlooringMidwest Starz Inver Grove Heights Dance Competition Greatmatsleaping Midwest Starz Inver Grove Heights Dance GreatmatsMidwest Starz Inver Grove Heights Dance Competition Greatmatsyouth dance Midwest Starz Inver Grove Heights Dance Competition Greatmats

Midwest Starz Dance Competitions are equipped with marley dance floors from Greatmats.

To learn more about Greatmats-sponsored Midwest Starz Dance Competitions and its competitors, visit Greatmats Midwest Starz Dance Competition Resource Page.

Inver Grive Heights Regional Dance Competition
Midwest Starz Dance Competitions
Inver Grove Heights MN
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Greatmats sponsoring National Dance Instructor of the Year Award

Dance Instructor of the Year

Nominate a dance instructor for Greatmats’ National Dance Instructor of the Year Award before Nov. 7, 2015.

National dance flooring industry leader Greatmats is sponsoring a National Dance Instructor of the Year Award, honoring a dance instructor the best represents Greatmats values – service, integrity and quality.

Greatmats is currently accepting nominations for this award until Nov. 7, 2015.

To nominate a person for the award, email the following information to brett@greatmats.com before Nov. 7, 2015:

1. Nominee’s Name

2. Name and location of the nominee’s business (Must be located in the USA.)

3. A brief description of why you are nominating this person

For contest details, visit http://www.greatmats.com/gmats-dance-instructor-contest.php. Voting will take place from Nov. 16 through Nov. 30, 2015, at https://www.facebook.com/Greatmats.

Winners will be named on January 4, 2016.

Greatmats is a national specialty flooring industry leader based in Milltown, Wisconsin, since 1999. Identified as one of the top 3,000 fastest growing companies in the USA three times since 2008, Greatmats has earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and 9.5 TrustPilot rating through its Golden Rule customer service practices. Greatmats gives back to its local community by donating 5% of its annual profits to local non-profit organizations. It also supports green initiatives through the use of solar energy at its Wisconsin headquarters and by offering a large variety of products made from recycled and renewable resources. Find out more about Greatmats at www.greatmats.com or by visiting Greatmats on Facebook. View all of Greatmats dance flooring products at http://www.greatmats.com/dance-flooring.php

Get $100 off athletic flooring for your school!

Weight room flooring

Weight room flooring from Greatmats.

One of the most anticipated parts of heading back to school in many parts of the United States is the beginning of the fall sports season. Whether its football, volleyball, cross country or anything in between, Greatmats can help you train with the comfort and safety of high quality and stylish athletic flooring.

Two things all athletes share is the need for strength training and aerobics. While some activities may require a more concentrated effort on one than the other, the combination is essential for creating a well balanced, healthy and high performing athlete.

Schools and training facilities that best serve their student-athletes and clients provide a quality training surface for their pupils and take the proper measures to ensure those surfaces will last for years to come.

In honor of the back to school season, Greatmats is holding a Back-to-School Athletic Flooring sale on weight room flooring, gym floor covers, cheer mats, folding gym mats, gym wall pads and dance floors. For any order of these items totaling $2,000 or more before Oct. 15, 2015, Greatmats will take $100 off the purchase price.

Weight room flooring

While the vast majority of Greatmats’ dozens of weight room flooring options are made of durable 100 percent recycled rubber, it also offers foam options that will add greater cushion and comfort. Among the weight room flooring possibilities are straight and interlocking tiles, large mats and rolled flooring options.

Gym Floor cover

Gym Floor Cover from Greatmats

Gym Floor Covers

Protect your expensive hardwood gym floors with gym floor covers from Greatmats. Available in large roll out vinyl sheets or large carpet tiles, these floor coverings will ensure your gym flooring will not suffer the unintended abuse associated with using the multipurpose facility for non-sporting events such as school dances, banquets and ceremonies.

cheerleading mats

Cheer mats from Greatmats

Cheer Mats

Ensure your school spirit by protecting its biggest advocates. Greatmats cheer mats are designed for high school, university and professional practices and competitions. Providing a non-slip surface, fatigue relief and shock absorption, these mats help ensure your cheer squad (and their spectators) will get the most out of the cheerleading experience.

Folding gym mats

Folding gym mats can be some of the most valuable accessories to any training program, portable, easily stored and easily installed, these mats are ideal provide an added level of safety and versatility in nearly all training environments.

Gym wall pads

Wall pads from Greatmats

Gym Wall Pads

Ramp up the safety features for your most precious assets with gym wall padding, made in the USA of top quality materials. In addition to defending against injuries, wall pads are also a great place to showcase your school spirit with the ability to add a graphics of your logo or mascot.

Dance Flooring

Greatmats offers are large variety of vinyl, foam and plastic dance floor options. Available in large rolls, cut lengths and modular tiles, it’s easy to find the right flooring for permanent and temporary uses, all with easy installation. Sprung and rubber dance subflooring is also available.

Call our customer service team 877-822-6622 for more information on the sale or products.

A Wisconsin-based specialty flooring company since 1999, Greatmats operates using the Golden Rule of customer service, leading it to a A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 9.5 Trust Pilot rating. Greatmats offers professional customer service and quality products with the best pricing online, backed by a price match guarantee. Our national flooring experts will ensure you find the perfect athletic flooring for your needs.

Picking the perfect dance floor

adagio-dancersChoosing the right dance floor to install can be a daunting task. With literally hundreds of different kinds of dance out there, how can you be sure you have the right floor covering to meet the demands of your studio, hall or home?

Without getting too in depth, two key areas to watch are slip resistance and shock absorption. Both factors should play a large role in determining how  easy and comfortable the performance surface is to dance on. Dancing on an improper surface such as concrete, even for short periods of time, can cause pain, injury or even irreversible damage to your bones, joints and entire body.

Slip resistance

Each form of dance requires different levels of slip resistance. Ballet dancers need a much higher degree of grip than do ballroom or bare feet dancers. While much of that can be regulated through the use of proper footwear, floor surfaces still play a critical role.

Marley, or vinyl, floors such as the Rosco Adagio line of rolled dance floor provide a solid non-slip surface for dances such as jazz, modern, ballet, Irish, Flamenco, lyrical, drill team or tap and are typically preferred when more general community all-purpose use takes place. It provides a medium-fast floor speed and is excellent for semi-permanent or permanent installation. Adagio’s marley floor rolls also accommodate touring, although its specialty touring line typically works better in those situations.

Jill of Marietta, Ohio said, “I wish I would have had this a long time ago,” after purchasing Adagio dance flooring from Greatmats.com for her dance studio which offers ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical and tap classes. “I LOVE THIS FLOOR! and it looks really sharp.”

For more specialized applications, a smooth, unfinished hardwood floor provides less friction and is ideal for social or ballroom dancing. Meanwhile, its hard surface lends well to tap or Riverdance where sound is important. Hardwood is not appropriate in all environments, such as those exposed to moisture or outdoor conditions. In those cases, portable or laminate flooring is a good option, given an appropriate underlying structure.

Engineered wood is also common economical alternate to expensive hardwood dance flooring as it is less liable to warp or shrink.

No matter what material the floor is made of, proper care, storage and cleaning is critical to maintaining proper slip control on your dance surface and extending the life of your dance floor. Avoiding even minimal dirt and water can play a huge role in the life of your dance floor. Gym floor coverings are also an option to protect your floor.

Shock absorption

Most performance dance surfaces involve a sprung floor system underneath. The dance floors can be either laid on top of a sprung floors (also known as floating floors) or have one built in. Hardness of the surface greatly affects what type of protection a sprung floor can give to the dancer. Hard performance surfaces protect from serious injuries while soft surfaces defend against minor injuries. There is very little overlap.

Sprung floors can be supported by resilient materials, such as foam backing or rubber feet, or by mechanical cushioning – such as criss-crossing wooden slats.

An alternative to sprung floors is having the floor built over a wooden frame, which will provide some give and spring.

Keeping slip resistance and shock absorption factors in mind while choosing your dance flooring will surely help you find the proper dance floor for your needs.adagio-may2015-sale-email

LED Dance Flooring

Start a dance revolution in your club or event center with our remote controlled, Astera LED dance flooring.  This LED Dance Floor is remarkably easy to assemble for both permanent and temporary installations.
This lighted dance floor system consists of 2×2 ft modules that can be combined to build any size LED dance floor in a variety of shapes. Each lighted dance floor section is 8 inches high.  This flooring is rated to hold up to 800 lbs.
You can install this LED dance floor on any hard surface. This lighted system is surprisingly easy to install and setting it up is a relatively quick job. Under normal circumstances, a 20×20 ft area usually takes only about two hours to load in and set up with a small crew. There are no tools required to install this LED dance floor.  A series of metal clips are used to connect the 2×2 ft panels together.  Each 2×2 ft x 8 inch section only weighs 21 lbs which makes it easy for almost anyone to install.
Astera’s wireless pixel tube is a revolutionary LED dance floor tube.  It can operate wirelessly for more than 12 hours. With the remote control, the LED tube can be easily managed, separated into multiple pixels, or synchronized with other Astera lighting objects.  This allows you to create a custom, vibrant dance environment.  This lighting provides color static, color fading, strobing color, chasing colors, and targeted control of each Light.
After an 8 hour charge the lamp will run on an internal lithium-ion battery that is rated to last 12 hours or more. For permanent applications, the lighting can be operated via ac/dc power.
The pixel LED tube can also be inserted into design objects like balls, tables, tiles etc.  For large-scale event decoration, several tube lights can be programmed together to display complex lighting structures and create stunning ambient lighting.
The Lighted Dance Floor is very easy to clean. The best way to clean the illuminated dance floor is with glass cleaner and paper towels or rags.  To eliminate scuffs, we suggest the Magic Eraser available in any grocery store.
This product is shipped UPS or FedEx Ground and or via freight delivery

 Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622 for more information.