AcoustiCork RCLT500 5 mm Underlayment

Greatmats’ new AcoustiCork RCLT500 5 mm 30 Ft Roll is a pairing of renewable cork and recycled rubber that results in a flooring solution with unmatched sound control properties. The harmony of both of these materials results in the AcoustiCork RCLT500 having both the low frequency acoustic performance that rubber is known for, as well as the adhesion and working properties that makes cork such a popular product. This combination results in an optimal sound control underlayment that is suitable for a wide range of hard surface flooring applications, while also being 20 percent lighter than comparable products. A roll is 5 mm thick, 4 ft wide, and 30 ft long.

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AcoustiCork RCLT500 is made possible through the use of several materials coming together in a multi-material composite which creates a product with several resonance frequencies, thus resulting in exceptional IIC (Impact Isolation Class) performance. The AcoustiCork RCLT500 has improved adhesion properties with thin-set mortars and other traditional flooring due to the cork granules in the composite material. The AcoustiCork RCLT500 is available in two different thicknesses in order to meet or exceed performance needs of the building code, and/or the condominium application requirements, all while not leading to an excessively thick mat. The material is designed to be naturally resistant to mold and mildew, while also reducing the in room step sound and providing greater comfort for standing. AcoustiCork RCLT500 does all this while still being 20 percent lighter than similar products and can be used under almost any type of hard surface finished floor material.

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Cork Flooring

After much anticipation in the flooring world, the latest generation of ready-to-lay cork flooring, the strongest cork floors ever, are now finally available. Their unique, abrasion-proof surface is considered the most revolutionary new development in the flooring market.  This comfortable flooring’s unique, abrasion-proof surface reduces the appearance of scratches, scuff marks, scoring and rough spots on valuable cork floors. 

Natural cork flooring adds stylish softness to any home. A cork floored kitchen, with its natural cushioning and insulating properties, keeps bare feet more comfortable than ceramic tiles or vinyl flooring.  Our easy-to-install cork floor tilesand floating cork floors are abrasion and water resistant.  They are excellent insulators for both sound and temperature and the softness of cork is a perfect, natural anti-fatigue surface for standing. 
The wear resistance technology in our cork flooring uses a ceramic solution that does not contain any harmful substances.  It will protect your floor against abrasions and scratches for long periods of time.
Cork flooring is an innovative option that works well in many homes. Cork Floors have a softer, more absorbent surface.  Cork floor tiles and floating cork floors provide both sound and heat insulating qualities.  Natural cork flooring is better for your family and the environment than just about any alternative on the market.
Cork flooring is earth friendly because it is made from only bark and can be harvested without killing trees.  Most cork trees are used over and over again for repeated cork harvests.
If you have questions about the benefits of cork flooring or would like to find out more, please contact our friendly customer service department.
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