BJJ Mats

The interlocking BJJ mats are professional BJJ mats for home and school training.

BJJ Mats with Interlocking Edges
Interlocking BJJ Mats

The tatami bjj mats offer a surface texture that prevents mat burn.

Each of the 1 x 1 meter puzzle mats for BJJ are reversible, allowing for increased versatility in both design and lifespan. With a professional construction, the mats provide excellent shock absorption for all martial arts groundwork and workouts, making them the best lightweight bjj mats available.

These durable 1.25-inch thick BJJ gym mats carry a 1 year warranty and will provide a safe, cushioned surface for both adult and youth practitioners. For extra protection during throws, consider folding mats with 2 inches of thickness. 

The closed cell EVA foam puzzle design makes them great for DIY BJJ mats installation. Closed cell foam does not absorb water making them easy to clean and disinfect. Plus it won’t absorb odors.

Also known as BJJ Jigsaw mats, they are designed for barefoot workouts, providing a sure footing and reducing the risk of injury. The mat burn free tatami surface can also withstand street shoes. If boots or heavy shoes are allowed on the mats, some scuffing may occur, but this does not affect performance levels. 

They can even be used on walls for BJJ wall mats.


Home Gym Flooring

Home gym flooring made of 1/4 inch rubber rolls is tough enough to protect the flooring underneath heavy exercise machines, including treadmills and resistance machines, as well as from small free weights.

Rubber Home Gym Flooring Roll
Home Gym Flooring Rubber Roll

At 4×10 feet in size, these home gym flooring rolls cover a small area with ease and can be combined with other rolls to cover larger areas with multiple manageably sized sections. At 40 square feet in coverage area, this 1/4 inch rubber flooring for home gym us offer a great value per square foot. They aren’t even too heavy or too large to store for times when you need to roll them up and return to the original flooring. 

This home gym flooring is great for basement or garage garage gyms and will enhance the appearance while also providing a bit of a thermal buffer from the cold cement. 

Rubber Home Gym Flooring Installation

Dry lay or adhere the 1/4 inch roll to the sub-floor. Lay this home gym flooring over concrete to protect the concrete, reduce noise, reduce slip and create a more comfortable workout space. A dry lay installation works best when heavy machines or weights are on top of the floor to hold it down. 

If you notice the home gym rubber flooring sliding around, install the mat using a double-sided tape down method, using either a carpet or vinyl type of tape. 

Should one side of the reversible home gym flooring roll become damaged or discolored, flip it and use the other side.

Home Gym Floor Cleaning

For a basic cleaning of these home gym flooring rolls, sweep or vacuum it to remove dry debris. The frequency of cleaning needed depends on how often it is used.

For a more thorough cleaning a damp mop with neutral pH floor cleaner is recommended. Avoid oversaturation. Air drying is normal. Fast faster drying use a fan.

Remove excess water with a wet/dry vacuum or absorbent towel. 

Marley Flooring

As an all-purpose marley floor, this Adagio marley can be used with both soft and hard shoes. Rosco Adagio marley dance flooring is economical, often running less than $3 per square foot. A full roll of Adagio marley dance flooring are 5 1/4 feet wide and 101 ft long with a 1.5 mm thickness. Custom lengths are available.

All Dance Style Marley Floor
All Purpose Marley Floor

Rosco Adagio marley flooring is the best flooring for dance studios due to its durability, versatility and pricing. The marley flooring is the most versatile marley floor and can be used for many styles of dance including tap, ballet, Flamenco, lyrical, hip hop, drill team, ballroom, modern, jazz, Irish, and barefoot dancing.

Marley flooring is made of high quality, non-absorbent, non-reflective, and non-skid vinyl, that gives tap and ballet dancers an optimal controlled slip. This marley floor will not de-laminate and is perfect for temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent installation. 

The marley dance floor rolls are simple and easy to install by rolling out on any hard, flat surface. Tape or glue can be used to secure the dance floor but is not always necessary, even when installed directly over hardwood flooring. A cushioned or sprung underlayment is recommended under the marley flooring when installed over concrete.

Gym Floor Covering

Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tiles
Protective Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tile

 Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tiles are an attractive and durable way to protect gymnasium floors during special events.

Gym floor covers made from protective carpet tiles are easy to set up and break down. This types of protective gym floor covering requires no tape or special accessories for installation. Protective carpet tiles lay flat over wood gym floors without wrinkling or rippling.

Gymnasiums are made for basketball, volleyball and physical education classes. They also host graduations, dances, concerts, shows and other events that may bring foot traffic, furniture or equipment into the gym that can damage that beautiful hardwood.

That’s where gym floor cover tiles enter the picture. The surface is carpeting, which ensures a good traction and a bit of comfort for people walking on them.

Gym floor covering carpet tiles make protecting the gym floor easy. Installing the tiles eliminated the concern over people or chairs scuffing or damaging the gym floor and are even great for gym floor covering rental.

This gym floor covering material is made to be placed over several different types of floors without the use of adhesives or even double-sided carpet tape. 

Individual tiles are heavy enough to keep from sliding around when positioned against one another. 

One person usually can install and lay out these this gym floor covering system but multiple people can make the process easier and faster.

Stack them on a rolling had cart for easy relocation or storage.

Rooftop Tiles

Rubber rooftop tiles
 are 2×2 ft interlocking outdoor rubber flooring squares. The flat roof deck flooring tiles allow water to drain under the tiles. The tiles are glued to each other at the interlocking edges but do not need to be glued down.

Rubber Flat Roof Deck Flooring
Flat Roof Deck Flooring Tiles

This type of flat rooftop deck tile is ideal for commercial installations on top of condos, apartment and office buildings and can cover large areas without problem. Made of high quality outdoor rated rubber, the rooftop tiles hold up well under large outdoor furniture.  

The durable rubber is 2 inches thick and 2×2 ft – perfect for exterior installations on decks, rooftops and patios in the Northeast. 

These flat rooftop tile for decks are manufactured using recycled rubber from reground automotive tires.

Playground Turf

Having thick and plush playground turf can keep kids comfortable as they play, and it can give peace of mind about their safety in case of a fall. Play Time Playground Turf with 2 Inch foam padding product will deliver.

Playground Turf Padding

The 2 inch foam rubber padding is installed underneath the artificial grass as a base to add safety to the playground surface. 

The thick padded foam playground underlayment gives playground turf its high level of cushion. As a fall protective turf pad, it’s certified with a 9-foot fall height rating. This artificial grass for playgrounds is the next generation of padded playground surfaces. 

The playground turf is made of a polyethylene yarn polymer that measures 1.25 inches in thickness for a realistic look.

The combination of the long yarn top layer and the thick foam base layer creates a safe and resilient padded playground turf surface. 

The American-made padded playground turf is safe for children and pets alike.

Playground Turf Maintenance

Unlike natural grass, padded playground turf doesn’t need regular mowing or weeding. When used in an outdoor installation, simply rinsing the turf with water will keep it free of dust and other unwanted particles. Often times, rainwater will rinse the turf adequately. 

Artificial Turf for Dogs

Artificial Turf for Dog Areas
Dog Area Artificial Turf

Artificial Grass for Dog Kennels and Dog Daycare Facilities

Artificial Grass Turf UltimatePet has a 100% permeable, non-absorbent backing to allow for quick drainage in dog daycare areas.

This artificial turf for dogs drains 10 times faster than real grass and better than any other synthetic turf surface available, preventing odor and bacteria buildup.

The engineering of this artificial turf for dogs allow the dogs to use the turf frequently without wearing it down, keeping dogs from tracking mud into your home or business after outdoor yard play time.

Count on strong American-made construction of this artificial grass for dog daycare facilities. It carries an industry-leading 15- to 20-year life expectancy.

The shred resistant dog flooring has a pile height of 1-5/8 inches, which simulates real grass.

Animal care facilities nationwide choose the UltimatePet product for both indoor and outdoor areas because of its superior drainage and unmatched durability.

A proper base material and grading will allow for efficient draining.

It also can stand up to heavy amounts of snow without suffering damage. And as the snow melts, the water will drain through the turf, just like rain, while the advanced polymer engineering enables the artificial grass to endure cold climates.