Affordable Padded Gym Turf with DIY Installation

Artificial Turf for Gyms

Affordable Padded Gym Turf with DIY Installation

Affordable Padded Gym Turf with DIY Installation

A great versatile option for indoor/outdoor grass turf is the V Max Artificial Grass Turf. An excellent choice that reacts naturally and provides consistent performance in shock absorption and a slip-resistant surface. It is a durable turf and will not easily be compromised, as it is tough and resistant to tears, divots, holes, and more.


This synthetic athletic turf has all the advantages of previous generations and performs even higher in wear and resistance tests than previous options for artificial grass roll products. The special blend of nylon and polyethylene is an almost perfect combination when seeking a product with a realistic feel, softness, and durability. And the pile height measures 3/4 of an inch, giving it a nice approximation of natural grass. It has a 5 mm thick foam backing as well.


Where to Use

The V Max artificial turf is an excellent choice for agility and sports training in commercial gyms because it has an excellent wear surface. It will give you a consistent performance over time, along with great durability and safety, which is important when involved in agility workouts.

It can also be used for all kinds of ball sports, including soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, softball, flag football, or baseball. This style of turf even works as a trade show booth style of flooring.



A vacuum or leaf blower can be used to clean the turf making it very easy to maintain.

How to Order

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The standard size roll measures 100 linear feet and is 12 feet wide. It may be ordered in custom lengths.

Affordable Padded Gym Turf - DIY Installation

Affordable DIY Padded Gym Turf

School Quality Folding Gym Mats

The 4×8 Folding Gym Mat: A Great Option for Schools

School Quality Folding Gym Mats

Folding Gym Mats for School Activities

When you need a mat for practice or competition warm-up time, Greatmats’ folding gym mats provide great impact absorption. They are portable, easy to transport and store or they can be left out for a more permanent solution.

When unfolded, these 1.5-inch thick gymnastics mats cover a 32 square foot area. The sides of the mat are straight, which makes it easier to connect them, length to length. The fasteners create a tight fit, and they ensure the mats will not come apart. They’re also easy to take apart when you’re finished with them. The 2-foot wide panels in the mats fold upon each other, accordion style, allowing you to fold the mat down to a size of 4 by 2 feet for transportation.

School Uses for Gym Mats

Whether you are using these gym mats for traveling teams or for use inside school facilities, they will provide a safe surface for many school activities.

  • Cheerleading
  • Exercising
  • Gymnastics
  • Martial Arts
  • Tumbling
  • Wall Padding
  • Wrestling

No matter what type of use case you have in mind, you can use the 4×8 gymnastic mat in multiple configurations. These gym mats for sale each have 2-inch hook and loop fasteners on the two short end sides for end-to-end attachment as desired. The 2V designation in the name of the mats indicates they can be connected on the end sides of the mats.

Folding Gym Mats for Schools Cheer and Gymnastics

Multiple Folding Gym Mats Attached and Shown in School Gymnasium



Available in Blue, Green, Purple, Pink and Rainbow colors.

Quality Materials

Hand crafted of extremely durable 18-ounce vinyl with double-stitched seams.

Lead free and 6P compliant vinyl material.

Inner PE foam core for maximum support and comfort.

Maintenance & Cleaning

The 4×8 gymnastics mat product is easy to keep clean. You can just lightly wash the vinyl exterior on the mats using hot water and a sponge. Do not soak these mats in water.


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Custom Made Gym Wall Pads

To provide safety and protection from gym walls, the most common solution is to use gym wall pads. These wall pads can be used in grade schools, universities and also commercial gyms.

Gym Wall Pads with Custom Shaped Column Pads

Gym Wall Pads with Custom Shaped Column Pads

Designed to Fit your Facility

Greatmats main Gym Wall Padding is available in custom sizes, cutouts, many colors and are equipped with a wood backing to allow for direct wall attachment. They are 2″ thick, have 14-ounce vinyl covers for excellent durability, optional Z-clip installation options and are made in the USA.

Our more basic option is a 4×8 foot x 1.5 inch gym mat with durable 18-ounce vinyl covers. They are available in a variety of brilliant colors. While these folding mats are suitable for floor use, they can also be attached to the wall to serve as wall pads.

When designing custom wall pads for your gym, you need to be mindful of areas that need to be accessed, such as wall outlets, light switches, fire extinguishers, etc. Our wall pads can be custom designed around your obstacles so that they attach perfectly while still leaving exposed the areas you need accessible. We can even custom pad your gym doors around the handles and windows for a non-invasive, clean installation.

Would you like your logo, team name, team mascot or other image on your wall mats? These can easily be added to your gym wall pads.

Special Padding for Poles and Columns

If your gym or facility has I-beams or columns protruding from the wall, these structures need to be padded as well. We have various options for these situations.

Column wall pads are available in the same colors and vinyl thicknesses as our standard wall pads. We can have the perfect sizes and shapes cut to fit to your specs for any random obstacle that your gym may present. Wood-backed and built of high quality foam and a thick vinyl,

Channel-Style I-Beam Pads use a channel design to wrap around the face and the edges of the I-beam. They are made with 3 inch thick polyurethane foam and covered with 18 oz vinyl coated polyester fabric.

Our pole pads and post padding is a common solution for covering steel support poles in basements and goal post bases on football fields. These pads simply wrap around the pole and connect back to themselves using a 2-inch hook and loop fastening flap.


Installing Your Wall Pads

Z-clips make installing your custom made gym wall pads pads easier. These innovative clips can be attached to the back of the pads by screwing them into the plywood panel backing. The other side of the clip is then screwed into the wall, making for a simple, clean installation. The mounting hardware is concealed behind the wall pads.

Thanks to the way that our wall pads are designed, the pads can be directly attached to concrete block walls or wooden studs. You’ll have plenty of ways that you can install the pads, even when you’re working with a concrete wall. Upper and lower lip options are also available so that you can easily replace and repair vinyl as needed, keeping your gym looking great and saving you from having to invest in an entirely new pad. Wall padding rarely requires special adhesives.

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