Gym Floor Covering

Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tiles
Protective Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tile

 Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tiles are an attractive and durable way to protect gymnasium floors during special events.

Gym floor covers made from protective carpet tiles are easy to set up and break down. This types of protective gym floor covering requires no tape or special accessories for installation. Protective carpet tiles lay flat over wood gym floors without wrinkling or rippling.

Gymnasiums are made for basketball, volleyball and physical education classes. They also host graduations, dances, concerts, shows and other events that may bring foot traffic, furniture or equipment into the gym that can damage that beautiful hardwood.

That’s where gym floor cover tiles enter the picture. The surface is carpeting, which ensures a good traction and a bit of comfort for people walking on them.

Gym floor covering carpet tiles make protecting the gym floor easy. Installing the tiles eliminated the concern over people or chairs scuffing or damaging the gym floor and are even great for gym floor covering rental.

This gym floor covering material is made to be placed over several different types of floors without the use of adhesives or even double-sided carpet tape. 

Individual tiles are heavy enough to keep from sliding around when positioned against one another. 

One person usually can install and lay out these this gym floor covering system but multiple people can make the process easier and faster.

Stack them on a rolling had cart for easy relocation or storage.

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