Playground Turf

Having thick and plush playground turf can keep kids comfortable as they play, and it can give peace of mind about their safety in case of a fall. Play Time Playground Turf with 2 Inch foam padding product will deliver.

Playground Turf Padding

The 2 inch foam rubber padding is installed underneath the artificial grass as a base to add safety to the playground surface. 

The thick padded foam playground underlayment gives playground turf its high level of cushion. As a fall protective turf pad, it’s certified with a 9-foot fall height rating. This artificial grass for playgrounds is the next generation of padded playground surfaces. 

The playground turf is made of a polyethylene yarn polymer that measures 1.25 inches in thickness for a realistic look.

The combination of the long yarn top layer and the thick foam base layer creates a safe and resilient padded playground turf surface. 

The American-made padded playground turf is safe for children and pets alike.

Playground Turf Maintenance

Unlike natural grass, padded playground turf doesn’t need regular mowing or weeding. When used in an outdoor installation, simply rinsing the turf with water will keep it free of dust and other unwanted particles. Often times, rainwater will rinse the turf adequately.