Artificial Turf for Dogs

Artificial Turf for Dog Areas
Dog Area Artificial Turf

Artificial Grass for Dog Kennels and Dog Daycare Facilities

Artificial Grass Turf UltimatePet has a 100% permeable, non-absorbent backing to allow for quick drainage in dog daycare areas.

This artificial turf for dogs drains 10 times faster than real grass and better than any other synthetic turf surface available, preventing odor and bacteria buildup.

The engineering of this artificial turf for dogs allow the dogs to use the turf frequently without wearing it down, keeping dogs from tracking mud into your home or business after outdoor yard play time.

Count on strong American-made construction of this artificial grass for dog daycare facilities. It carries an industry-leading 15- to 20-year life expectancy.

The shred resistant dog flooring has a pile height of 1-5/8 inches, which simulates real grass.

Animal care facilities nationwide choose the UltimatePet product for both indoor and outdoor areas because of its superior drainage and unmatched durability.

A proper base material and grading will allow for efficient draining.

It also can stand up to heavy amounts of snow without suffering damage. And as the snow melts, the water will drain through the turf, just like rain, while the advanced polymer engineering enables the artificial grass to endure cold climates.


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