Artificial Grass

Artificial Golf Grass
Golf Course Artificial Grass

Artificial Putting Grass, Artificial Golf Turf

For outdoor sports such as golf or bocce ball a year-round, almost maintenance-free practice area equipped with  Hole in One Artificial Grass could make a dream come true. This artificial grass is made of the highest quality materials for excellent durability and safety. 

The artificial grass reacts naturally for putting, giving you a true roll.
Install this artificial putting green indoors or outdoors over a concrete or a compacted aggregate base.

The forest green colored surface features a multi-shear finish to create speeds that resemble a bent grass green. 

The 1/ 4 inch pile artificial grass is made in the USA consists of a stalk yarn material with a dual layered woven backing consisting of a polyurethane coating and has received UV treatment to protects its integrity and color from direct sunlight exposure.

People love using this artificial grass because the turf can be cut into almost any shape.


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