Pool Decking

With a high probability of slip and falls around pool decks, non slip pool decking is a popular option for indoor and outdoor installations for pool area where you’re seeking a type of DIY pool deck covering.

Soft Pool Decking
Cushioned Pool Decking

This type of cushioned pool decking is a non-toxic, UV-stable, durable, soft, and slip-resistant flooring solution. 

Wet Area Installation 
You can install these soft decking tiles using peel and stick adhesive backing. Installing this pool decking doesn’t require any messy glue, making it perfect for any DIY project. 

When installing these non slip pool decking squares, installation in flat areas is recommended.

Each of these soft pool decking tiles measure 2 by 2 feet, so handling the tiles is an easy process for one person. 

For installations outdoors, glue down Life Floor options are recommended.

In either cases the non-slip pool decking is UV resistant, meaning its colors will stand up to direct sunlight well over time. 

The textured surface is designed for use in wet areas where bare feet are common helping maintain a good footing at all times.

Keep in mind that foam pool deck tiles can be punctured by sharp objects, such as high heels, nails, screws, dragging furniture, and animal claws, among others. Avoid placing sharp objects on these tiles.