Ice Rink Floor Mats

Ice rink floor mats can be cost effective, durable and stylish, with the use of rubber floor mats. 

ice rink floor mats
Rolled Rubber Ice Rink Flooring in Monroe, WI

Many ice rinks utilize 4×6 foot rubber horse stall mats as they withstand the abuse of skates well. Proper rubber ice rink floor mats, are neither too thin nor poorly manufactured, preventing tripping hazards due to curling. Thin rubber floor mats can have a tendency to curl, as will poorly manufactured ice rink floor mats. They can also have tendency to bunch up when equipment, such as lifts, are driven on them. 

If you like the idea of tiling your ice rink floor with mats, consider interlocking rubber mats. The puzzle style edges will help keep the ice arena floor mats in place without shifting. Be sure to check with a rubber flooring expert to determine which thickness will fit your needs best.

Rolled rubber flooring is the most economical options and eliminates the majority of seams. At at 3/8 inch thick, you’ll have plenty of durability against the skates. 

This type of ice arena floor covering also lends well to multipurpose use of the facility for events beyond ice skating and hockey. Rolled rubber will installs much faster than stall mats or interlocking tiles with rolls up to 100 feet in length and four feet wide. We recommend you glue down rolled rubber ice rink floor mats. 

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