Playground Turf

Having thick and plush playground turf can keep kids comfortable as they play, and it can give peace of mind about their safety in case of a fall. Play Time Playground Turf with 2 Inch foam padding product will deliver.

Playground Turf Padding

The 2 inch foam rubber padding is installed underneath the artificial grass as a base to add safety to the playground surface. 

The thick padded foam playground underlayment gives playground turf its high level of cushion. As a fall protective turf pad, it’s certified with a 9-foot fall height rating. This artificial grass for playgrounds is the next generation of padded playground surfaces. 

The playground turf is made of a polyethylene yarn polymer that measures 1.25 inches in thickness for a realistic look.

The combination of the long yarn top layer and the thick foam base layer creates a safe and resilient padded playground turf surface. 

The American-made padded playground turf is safe for children and pets alike.

Playground Turf Maintenance

Unlike natural grass, padded playground turf doesn’t need regular mowing or weeding. When used in an outdoor installation, simply rinsing the turf with water will keep it free of dust and other unwanted particles. Often times, rainwater will rinse the turf adequately. 

Artificial Turf for Dogs

Artificial Turf for Dog Areas
Dog Area Artificial Turf

Artificial Grass for Dog Kennels and Dog Daycare Facilities

Artificial Grass Turf UltimatePet has a 100% permeable, non-absorbent backing to allow for quick drainage in dog daycare areas.

This artificial turf for dogs drains 10 times faster than real grass and better than any other synthetic turf surface available, preventing odor and bacteria buildup.

The engineering of this artificial turf for dogs allow the dogs to use the turf frequently without wearing it down, keeping dogs from tracking mud into your home or business after outdoor yard play time.

Count on strong American-made construction of this artificial grass for dog daycare facilities. It carries an industry-leading 15- to 20-year life expectancy.

The shred resistant dog flooring has a pile height of 1-5/8 inches, which simulates real grass.

Animal care facilities nationwide choose the UltimatePet product for both indoor and outdoor areas because of its superior drainage and unmatched durability.

A proper base material and grading will allow for efficient draining.

It also can stand up to heavy amounts of snow without suffering damage. And as the snow melts, the water will drain through the turf, just like rain, while the advanced polymer engineering enables the artificial grass to endure cold climates.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Golf Grass
Golf Course Artificial Grass

Artificial Putting Grass, Artificial Golf Turf

For outdoor sports such as golf or bocce ball a year-round, almost maintenance-free practice area equipped with  Hole in One Artificial Grass could make a dream come true. This artificial grass is made of the highest quality materials for excellent durability and safety. 

The artificial grass reacts naturally for putting, giving you a true roll.
Install this artificial putting green indoors or outdoors over a concrete or a compacted aggregate base.

The forest green colored surface features a multi-shear finish to create speeds that resemble a bent grass green. 

The 1/ 4 inch pile artificial grass is made in the USA consists of a stalk yarn material with a dual layered woven backing consisting of a polyurethane coating and has received UV treatment to protects its integrity and color from direct sunlight exposure.

People love using this artificial grass because the turf can be cut into almost any shape.

Pool Decking

With a high probability of slip and falls around pool decks, non slip pool decking is a popular option for indoor and outdoor installations for pool area where you’re seeking a type of DIY pool deck covering.

Soft Pool Decking
Cushioned Pool Decking

This type of cushioned pool decking is a non-toxic, UV-stable, durable, soft, and slip-resistant flooring solution. 

Wet Area Installation 
You can install these soft decking tiles using peel and stick adhesive backing. Installing this pool decking doesn’t require any messy glue, making it perfect for any DIY project. 

When installing these non slip pool decking squares, installation in flat areas is recommended.

Each of these soft pool decking tiles measure 2 by 2 feet, so handling the tiles is an easy process for one person. 

For installations outdoors, glue down Life Floor options are recommended.

In either cases the non-slip pool decking is UV resistant, meaning its colors will stand up to direct sunlight well over time. 

The textured surface is designed for use in wet areas where bare feet are common helping maintain a good footing at all times.

Keep in mind that foam pool deck tiles can be punctured by sharp objects, such as high heels, nails, screws, dragging furniture, and animal claws, among others. Avoid placing sharp objects on these tiles. 

Outdoor Floors

These outdoor floors  are designed for temporary installations in tents over grass, dirt or gravel for events. Use outdoor floor tiles when fast and easy installation is needed. Just snap the tiles together for a perfect DIY fit. The tiles will to contour to different asphalt, grass or dirt landscapes .

Plastic Outdoor Flooring
Plastic Outdoor Floor Tiles

Polypropylene Plastic Outdoor Floor

Polypropylene is a great choice for outdoor floors as the plastic can stand a multitude of weather conditions. This style of outdoor flooring uses small holes in the surface allowing rainwater to drain through to the ground. The holes do not affect the strength or integrity of the flooring. 

The portable flooring is slightly raised off the ground due to a raised base. This allows air and water to flow underneath the tiles.

The top surface is anti-slip as well. The surface texture includes grooves that cross the surface of the tile diagonally for extra grip. 

These plastic tiles are also tough enough to stand up to many different use cases outdoors including tent flooring. Our 12-by-12-inch outdoor portable flooring has a will hold its shape when placed under extreme weight.

Rather than renting a dance floor for outdoor events, many users have opted for to always have these outdoor floors on hand. This is a perfect product for hotels and other places that host outdoor weddings, anniversary receptions, or weekend dances. 

Outdoor Flooring Installation

Each outdoor tile measures 1-by-1-foot and only weighs 0.81 pounds, making it easy for a single person to move into place and install.

The interlocking segments on these 3/4-inch thick outdoor floor tiles pop together with just a little downward pressure from the installer. 

Each tile has tabs on two sides and slots on the other two sides. Once the tabs fit over the slots push down on them until they pop into place. The interlocking portion of the tile is not visible, creating a finished look to the surface of the portable flooring. The grooves along the top surface will even line up when the tiles are connected completing the professional look.

Disassembling the tiles is just as easy. Pop the portable floor tiles apart and stack them in storage until they’re needed again. 

Leave the tiles connected in 2-by-2-foot or 3-by-3-foot segments for faster installation the next time around, as long as the storage location can accommodate the larger segments.

The tiles can be trimmed or cut to fit using a power saw.

Ice Rink Floor Mats

Ice rink floor mats can be cost effective, durable and stylish, with the use of rubber floor mats. 

ice rink floor mats
Rolled Rubber Ice Rink Flooring in Monroe, WI

Many ice rinks utilize 4×6 foot rubber horse stall mats as they withstand the abuse of skates well. Proper rubber ice rink floor mats, are neither too thin nor poorly manufactured, preventing tripping hazards due to curling. Thin rubber floor mats can have a tendency to curl, as will poorly manufactured ice rink floor mats. They can also have tendency to bunch up when equipment, such as lifts, are driven on them. 

If you like the idea of tiling your ice rink floor with mats, consider interlocking rubber mats. The puzzle style edges will help keep the ice arena floor mats in place without shifting. Be sure to check with a rubber flooring expert to determine which thickness will fit your needs best.

Rolled rubber flooring is the most economical options and eliminates the majority of seams. At at 3/8 inch thick, you’ll have plenty of durability against the skates. 

This type of ice arena floor covering also lends well to multipurpose use of the facility for events beyond ice skating and hockey. Rolled rubber will installs much faster than stall mats or interlocking tiles with rolls up to 100 feet in length and four feet wide. We recommend you glue down rolled rubber ice rink floor mats.