Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats are a wonderful tool for landscape construction sites. Ground and lawn mats are durable enough to bend but not break. Ground protection mats are a must-have when you drive heavy equipment over lawns.

Black Ground Protection Mats
Ground Protection Mats for heavy loads over soft ground

Heavy Equipment Mats

Lawn and grass protection heavy equipment mats are protect the ground protection with a durable, high-density, polyethylene plastic material that will easily supports 60-ton loads. Many of lawn protection mats carry a lifetime warranty and are easy to use and maintain.

Turf and ground protection mats can be used as temporary road or walkway over sand, dirt, gravel and even mud. Some temporary road mats lock together. Use wedge shaped mats to make corners on these temporary paths.

Ground Protection Mat Flexibility Test
Ground Protection Mats Bend but don’t break

Ground Protection Mat Benefits

  1. Protect grass and other sensitive areas from equipment or foot traffic
  2. Increase traction for heavy equipment
  3. Create temporary roads over soft surfaces
  4. Reuse the mats for years without splintering, warping, water logging, or breaking down. 

Greatmats heavy equipment mats are guaranteed to withstand large amounts of weight of landscaping vehicles including skid loaders and tractors.

Mats are available in black and clear. The clear mats accommodate grass growth and help keep grass cooler during hot summer days. 

Skid loader mats weigh between 33 pounds and 86 pounds depending on their size. 

Many ground protection mats have two surface options: cleats or smooth. These two surface options can even both be incorporated onto one mat, offering more traction than plywood, especially when wet. 

Portable roadway mats are designed for use over grass, dirt and sand. The mats are easy to transport and assemble with pin or clip connection system. Round connectors are best used for standard applications and flat connectors are preferable for walkways and flat surfaces.

Ground Protection Mats for Bobcats
Ground Protection Mats for temporary skid loader roads

Using Turf Protection Mats for Heavy Equipment

To use turf protection mats, lay them down and drive over them with trucks, trailers, tractors or any other large, heavy vehicle. Link the traction mats together to create a protective roadway for hard-to-reach locations.

Hose down the lawn protection mats to clean them. Load up the mats and repeat.

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