Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats are a wonderful tool for landscape construction sites. Ground and lawn mats are durable enough to bend but not break. Ground protection mats are a must-have when you drive heavy equipment over lawns.

Black Ground Protection Mats
Ground Protection Mats for heavy loads over soft ground

Heavy Equipment Mats

Lawn and grass protection heavy equipment mats are protect the ground protection with a durable, high-density, polyethylene plastic material that will easily supports 60-ton loads. Many of lawn protection mats carry a lifetime warranty and are easy to use and maintain.

Turf and ground protection mats can be used as temporary road or walkway over sand, dirt, gravel and even mud. Some temporary road mats lock together. Use wedge shaped mats to make corners on these temporary paths.

Ground Protection Mat Flexibility Test
Ground Protection Mats Bend but don’t break

Ground Protection Mat Benefits

  1. Protect grass and other sensitive areas from equipment or foot traffic
  2. Increase traction for heavy equipment
  3. Create temporary roads over soft surfaces
  4. Reuse the mats for years without splintering, warping, water logging, or breaking down. 

Greatmats heavy equipment mats are guaranteed to withstand large amounts of weight of landscaping vehicles including skid loaders and tractors.

Mats are available in black and clear. The clear mats accommodate grass growth and help keep grass cooler during hot summer days. 

Skid loader mats weigh between 33 pounds and 86 pounds depending on their size. 

Many ground protection mats have two surface options: cleats or smooth. These two surface options can even both be incorporated onto one mat, offering more traction than plywood, especially when wet. 

Portable roadway mats are designed for use over grass, dirt and sand. The mats are easy to transport and assemble with pin or clip connection system. Round connectors are best used for standard applications and flat connectors are preferable for walkways and flat surfaces.

Ground Protection Mats for Bobcats
Ground Protection Mats for temporary skid loader roads

Using Turf Protection Mats for Heavy Equipment

To use turf protection mats, lay them down and drive over them with trucks, trailers, tractors or any other large, heavy vehicle. Link the traction mats together to create a protective roadway for hard-to-reach locations.

Hose down the lawn protection mats to clean them. Load up the mats and repeat.

Playground Mats

Playground Mats
Playground Swing Mats

Playground mats are commonly used beneath swing sets and at the bases of slides to prevent erosion and provide cushion for kids. Rubber playground mats are available for commercial playgrounds as well as homes, daycares, preschools, schools, churches, park playground locations, and outdoor play areas. Use interlocking playground mats underneath primary playground equipment where large areas need to be covered.

Playground Mats at base of slides
Playground Slide Mats

Playground Mats

Playground mats come in tiles and mat forms, including straight edge and interlocking tiles. The right playground mat will be based on equipment height, match the appropriate mat thickness to its corresponding fall height requirement. These rubber playground mats and tiles are excellent for any outdoor children’s play area.

Outdoor Playground Mats for Under Swings & Slides

Playground Mats help prevent base material from being worn away and creating pits in heavy traffic areas. They also offer cushion in areas where kids may experience impact, such as the base of slides. Rubber mats are durable, with most lasting for around 20 years. They reduce upkeep labor, saving both money and time. Rubber mats are easy to keep clean – including prevention and removal of mold and debris.

Interlocking playground mats can be used under swings as a way to added a variety of natural and bright colors. Mix and match interlocking rubber playground mats meet specific design needs.

Replace wood chips and rubber crumb material with playground swing mats for a longer lasting surface.

Choosing the Right Playground Mat

Greatmats is proud to stock a variety of rubber playground mats for under swings and slides as well as climbing equipment. Contact a Greatmats flooring expert with questions including finding the perfect product for your project, product samples and shipping information.

Greatmats gym crossfit turf

Gym Turf

V-Max Artificial Grass

Greatmats weight room turf for gymsThe V-Max Artificial Grass Turf 5mm Pad product is one of the most versatile options for sports and gym turf that you’ll find. This artificial turf has an excellent wear surface for indoor sports applications, such as soccer, CrossFit, and agility.

The blend of nylon and polyethylene is an almost perfect combination when seeking a product with a realistic feel, softness, and durability. The pile height measures 3/4 of an inch, giving it a nice approximation of natural grass. With the 5mm foam backing on this sled turf, it similarly matches the softness of the new generation rubber-filled sports turf products.

Greatmats V-Max Black Gym Turf for CrossFit SledThe turf product is especially good for agility training. It will give you a consistent performance over time, along with great durability and safety, which is important when involved in agility workouts.

V-Max Gym Turf is available in field green, black, white, red, and blue.

Ferris State University chose V-Max Artificial Turf because they wanted a material that was durable, shock-absorbent, hygienic, and versatile to handle speed and agility training as well as circuit training and yoga.

Other Gym Turf Options

Greatmats Gym Turf weight roomTurf Athletic Padded Floor Roll 6×25 Ft 15 mm is a rubber based artificial grass which offers impact absorption that will keep your athletes feeling fresher after workouts. This gym turf features an extremely durable, textured, mono-filament nylon material with a tight nap that makes it ideal for sled drills and sprint workouts.

Latitude 39 Fitness has this athletic turf installed and states that the turf is perfect for conditioning drills like sled pushes and sprints.

Portable Gym Turf

Greatmats interlocking turf tiles sled turfGym turf is available in interlocking tiles with Turf Athletic Padded Interlocking Tile. These turf tiles are 15 mm thick with a 3 mm nylon turf layer and 12 mm rubber backing. Each tile is 23×46 inches in size.The interlocking tiles make it very easy to install and uninstall, making it an excellent option for a temporary or portable installation.

When you’re seeking versatility in an indoor portable turf, the Gym Turf 365 will give you an amazing level of quality. This turf quickly and easily rolls out and back up for a portable sports turf option. Gym Turf 365 can be used for agility, weight sleds, soccer, baseball and more.

Greatmats Gym Turf 365 Portable Sled Turf

Visit our artificial turf page for all of our current options. Contact our customer service team for any questions you may have about purchasing gym turf.

Greatmats V-Max Indoor Artificial Grass Sports Turf

Safe Room Wall Pads

Greatmats safe room wall padding installationGreatmats is a leading provider of custom made to order safe room wall padding for schools, home, and institutional settings. Work with our knowledgeable sales staff to custom design safe room wall pads that will meet your specific design needs. Safety is of paramount importance in safe rooms, seclusion rooms, isolation rooms, and sensory rooms. We are proud to be able to offer the top-quality wall pads that you need.

Safe Room Wall Padding

Greatmats gym wall pads and padding offer the best solutions for safe room wall padding. These wall mats are designed specifically to endure punishing athletic environments, where people are exerting enormous amount of energy and force. Our wall pads can even be custom fit to your safe room to cover virtually any wall surface.

Greatmats Gym Wall Pads for Safe RoomsOur wall mats feature a 2-inch polyurethane foam core, and are available with ASTM impact rated foam padding. The padding cover is crafted from 16 ounce phthalate free vinyl, and the covers are treated to be both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to ensure a healthy environment. The vinyl cover is puncture and tear-resistant, and these pads are backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Our wall padding ships with all of the hardware that you need for installation, and you’re able to choose from two different installation methods:

  1. Lip: Lip top and bottom pads feature a 1-inch lip at the top and bottom of each pad. This lip allows you to directly screw the pads onto the wall, or to use a 1-by-1-inch furring strip that is first attached to the wall, then attached to the pad.
  2. Z-Clip: Z-Clip installation utilizes a channel connection method. One channel is connected to the pad, and a receiving channel is connected to the wall. The Z-Clips are attached to the back of the pads. The Z-Clips are shipped with the pads, and screws for attachment are included. The Z-Clips are pre-cut to length, and the panels are pre-drilled to receive the screws, minimizing the amount of work that you need to do during installation.

You may also want to consider folding gym mats for your safe room. These are some of the most versatile forms of padding for high-impact areas such as personal safety rooms and martial arts facilities. They offer up to 2 inches of impact absorbing padding and can be used on walls, floors, or anywhere you need a padded safety surface. These mats, however, are harder to customize as they come in 4 or 5 foot widths and feature 2-foot wide panels, allowing for lengths in two foot increments. They may be an ideal lower-cost solution for solid walls, whereas our gym mats with more customization options may be used for doors and walls featuring windows. Folding gym mats can be used to create a safer and softer flooring.

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HiLine Lineal Carpet Tile

Greatmats HiLine Lineal Carpet Tiles Office Carpet Tiles BlueHiLine Lineal Carpet Tile are lightweight peel and stick carpet tiles treated with Scotchgard to help resist soil and stains. Each carpet tile is 23.5 x 23.5 inches in size. The striped carpet tiles are available in 3 color options: blue, tan, and gray.

HiLine Lineal peel and stick carpet tiles are great for both residential and commercial areas including basements, offices, retail stores, family rooms, and more.

The backing of this carpet has been treated with an antimicrobial agent that protects the mildew, fungi and other harmful bacteria. This makes the product collection suitable for below-grade installation and areas where moisture may be a problem.

It is easy to install on any hard surface, easy to re-arrange, and easy to remove, and you can clean off any adhesive residue with simple Citrus Cleaners.

Visit our carpet tile page to see other options.

Greatmats HiLine Lineal Carpet Tiles striped carpet tiles

Greatmats HiLine Lineal Carpet Tiles Bedroom Carpet