Turbo Garage Floor Tile Diamond


Diamond Turbo Garage Floor Tiles are interlocking tiles that are designed and built to hold heavy cars and trucks. They are rated to hold over 20,000 pound vehicles. These tiles are engineered to resist oil, gas and other automotive fluids. Turbo Tiles are manufactured in the USA from a copolymer polypropylene plastic with 100% virgin raw materials. These garage floor tiles are UV stable and stain resistant.

The garage flooring is 1×1 feet in size and 1/2 inch thick. Each tile weighs only 3/4 of a pound. Turbo Garage Tile have a 6 tab interlocking system, making them less likely to separate and cause gaps in your floor. Just snap the tiles together for an easy do-it-yourself installation.

Greatmats Turbo Garage Tile installed black and grayTurbo Garage Tiles are available in a variety of colors. They also have ramp edges and corners that snap on to the exposed edges of the tiles to provide a smooth, clean, and professional look. These ramp edges and corners are available in the same color options as the tiles including black, beige, blue, green, orange, purple, red, silver, terra cotta, yellow, and white.

They can also be used for warehouses, workshops, factories, showrooms, car shows, airplane hangers, firehouses, mechanic shops, trailers, man caves, laundry rooms, trade shows, and more!

You can trust that these tiles are built to last with the 10 year limited warranty.

Greatmats turbo garage tile motorcycle parking padGreatmats turbo garage tile purple and silver flooringGreatmats turbo garage tile Harley Davidson themedGreatmats Turbo Garage Tile checkerboard lookGreatmats Turbo Garage Tile blue and silverGreatmats Turbo Garage Tile workshopGreatmats Turbo Garage TileGreatmats speedway turbo garage tile black