Foam Tile 12mm 1×1 Meter


Greatmats 1x1 meter interlocking puzzle Foam Mats 12mm black1×1 Meter Foam Tiles are an economical solution for a softer safer flooring. The foam tiles are 12 millimeters thick. These tiles are great for large scale commercial installations. These foam tile mats are easy to install with the universal interlocking edges. 4 border strips per tile are included.

1×1 Meter Foam Puzzle Tiles are made with a high quality EVA foam material offering softness, flexibility, and shock absorption. The EVA foam material is a closed cell construction, making this foam tile waterproof and tough.

Only weighing 2.7 pounds per tile, these foam tiles are lightweight and portable. These tiles can be removed easily with the interlocking design.

Use these tiles for exercise, aerobics, fitness, or as underlayment for rubber flooring for dog agility or training.

BurkeBase Vinyl Wall Base

Greatmats BurkeBase Vinyl Wall Base Burke FlooringBurkeBase Vinyl Wall Base will give your flooring a professional look. Our vinyl wall base comes in a matte finish that coordinates with a variety of patterns and colors of your flooring.

It’s available in complimenting colors providing an economical way to match the entire line of Burke flooring products, including tiles and stair treads.

This Vinyl Wall Base performs wall around corners and curved wall for years of lasting style and protection. BurkeBase Wall Base is a durable, commercial wall designed for heavy traffic areas. BurkeBase is resistant to scuffs and abrasions due to its tough matte finish.

wall-baseThis Wall Base is available in Coved or Toeless options. The wall bases are available in heights of 2.5, 4, 4.5, or 6 inches. Available in a 100 foot roll or 25 – 4 foot sections.

To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth. If needed, lightly spray with a neutral household cleaner before wiping.

Made in the USA


Wall Base Vinyl 100 Ft x 1/8 Inch x 2.5 Inch
Wall Base Vinyl 100 Ft x 1/8 Inch x 4 Inch
Wall Base Vinyl 100 Ft x 1/8 Inch x 4.5 Inch
Wall Base Vinyl 100 Ft x 1/8 Inch x 6 Inch

Floorline Slip-Resistant Matting

Greatmats Plastex Floorline matting roll colorsPlastex Floorline Slip Resistant Mats can be used in restaurants, bars, pool decks, spas, airports, warehouses, assembly lines, and more. Floorline matting can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is resistant to chemicals, oils, and acids for use in factories.

Floorline mats are lightweight and economically priced. These mats are made with a flexible PVC vinyl with a textured open grid design and a cushioned hollow center. These features provides drainage, slip resistance, and anti-fatigue properties. The cushioning effect of Floorline matting also reduces the risk of damage to items that may be accidentally dropped.

Floorline matting by Plastex are in a roll that is easy to roll out for installation and can be easily cut to fit. There is no need to glue down this mat. Available in beige, white, red, blue, and green colors.

Greatmats Plastex Floorline matting redCertified Slip Resistance
ASTM F 1677: Wet/Dry 1.0/0.8
DIN 51130: R11, V10
DIN51097: Classification C

Floorline Matting 2 x 33 ft Roll
Floorline Matting 3 x 33 ft Roll
Floorline Matting 4 x 33 ft Roll




floor-line-surface-clsupGreatmats Plastex Floorline red matting retail storeGreatmats Plastex Floorline matting in tunnelGreatmats Plastex Floorline matting side view


PVC Coin Floor Tile Garage Warehouse 20×20 Inch

Interlocking PVC Coin Floor Tile for Garages & Warehouses

Greatmats PVC Plastic Coin Floor Tile Garage Warehouse Black and Grey InterlockingPVC Coin Floor Garage Warehouse Tiles are ideal for garages and warehouses. Use these tiles to cover your old cracked garage concrete floor with this flexible garage flooring. These garage tiles have a slightly raised coin top surface which lessens the amount of scuffing from foot and vehicle traffic and increases traction.

This warehouse floor tile is 4.5 mm thick and made from recycled PVC plastic material. PVC Coin Floor Tiles are resistant to oils, gas, and chemicals. These tiles will not be affected by heat, cold, or humidity. The garage floor tiles are available in black or grey.

Greatmats PVC Plastic Garage Floor Tile Gray InterlockingThese plastic garage floor tiles feature an interlocking  design for easy installation.  These tiles are 20 by 20 inches which is larger than typical 1 by 1 foot garage tiles which means there will be less tiles for you to install. No adhesive is needed to install these tiles. And because they are so easy to install, they are also easy to take apart and move if needed.


Greatmats black flexible garage floor tile coin top

Greatmats PVC Plastic Garage Floor Tile Black Backside

Greatmats PVC Plastic Garage Floor Tile Black Backside




Flexigrid Industrial Matting

Flexigrid Industrial Matting 2 x 33 ft Roll


Greatmats Plastex Flexigrid Industrial Matting RollOur Plastex Flexigrid Industrial Matting is one of the best industrial mats available. This industrial matting has an open grid design with a diamond tread textured grip surface with a high certified rating for drainage and slip resistance. Use this matting in tough industrial areas where liquid, debris, and metal shards are an issue. Flexigrid matting is resistant to chemicals, acids, and oils.

Flexigrid matting roll is easy to install, just roll it out. Plastix Flexigrid can be easily cut to fit. The industrial matting is manufactured with a flexible recycled PVC material that will contour to uneven surfaces. The matting can be used indoors or outdoors because it is UV rated.

Greatmats Plastex Flexigrid Industrial Matting RollFlexigrid matting by Plastex is 3/4 inch thick which is the thickest mat of its type. Flexigrid is available in various size rolls.

This industrial matting product can be swept or hosed off as needed.

Certified Slip Resistance DIN 51130: R11 ASTM 1677: 0.6/0.52
Excellent Drainage: DIN 51130: V10

Flexigrid Matting 2×16.5 foot
Flexigrid Matting 2×33 foot
Flexigrid Matting 3×16.5 foot
Flexigrid Matting 3×33 foot



Herontile Wet Area Tile

Greatmats Plastex Herontile Wet Area Tile for pools rollableHerontile by Plastex is a wet area tile for your pool decks, spas, locker rooms and more. Herontiles feature a click together mechanism that will create a seamless floor. When these tiles are connected together, they can be rolled up for easy removal or storage.

This tile is made with a soft Ethylene Vinyl Acetate making it comfortable to stand on with bare feet. Plastex Herontile contains SteriTouch additives to prevent fungal and microbial growth for a more hygienic flooring in wet areas.

The surface of Herontiles have a circular embossed design which increase traction. Herontile is 15 mm thick on strong support legs so that water drains underneath.

Plastex Herontile Tile beige close up pool tile GreatmatsHerontile is available in 4 different colors including ocean blue, light blue, light grey, and beige. The dimension of each tile is 1.08 x 1.08 feet. Herontile comes in cases of 27.

Regular cleaning is recommended for this product with an alkaline based cleaner and a brush or electric cleaner.

Slip Resistance Test Results
DIN 51097 Classification C

For similar products, visit our Wet Area Flooring page.

Greatmats Plastex Herontile Wet Area Tile bottom view



Herongripa Slip Resistant Matting


Commercial Kitchen Matting: Herongripa

Herongripa Slip Resistant Matting by Plastex is ideal for a slip resistant flooring solution for your commercial kitchen and food processing areas. Herongripa matting was developed specifically for the food processing industries and commercial kitchens. This vinyl kitchen matting is resistant to animal fats, oil, acids, and chemicals.

Herongripa features a wide open grid format which allows waste and spills to fall through, keeping the standing areas free of slippery matter. This commercial kitchen matting has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

herongripa-roll-angleHerongripa Matting is only available in a terra cotta orange color. It is 5/8 inch thick. Herongripa slip resistant matting is available to purchase in various size rolls.

Plastex Herongripa Matting is easy to install, just roll it out where it is needed. It is easy to cut to fit if necessary. This matting will also contour to uneven surfaces.

Herongripa matting can be swept or hosed off as needed. This matting roll allows for easy roll up during cleaning routines.

Greatmats Plastex Herongripa Commercial Kitchen MattingCertified Slip Resistance
DIN 51130: R11, V10

Herongripa 2 x 16.5 ft Roll
Herongripa 3 x 16.5 ft Roll
Herongripa 4 x 16.5 ft Roll
Herongripa 2 x 33 ft Roll
Herongripa 3 x 33 ft Roll
Herongripa 4 x 33 ft Roll