Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting

Greatmats Plastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting RollsPlastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting

Vynagrip matting by Plastex is a heavy duty industrial matting that built from high quality materials. Vynagrip industrial matting carries a high slip resistance rating because of the textured tread pattern. It also has a top liquid drainage rating with its open grid design that effectively removes liquid and debris. Vynagrip is chemical, oil, and acid resistant and can withstand the toughest industrial environments.

vynagrip-tread-surfaceVynagrip heavy duty matting is manufactured from two layers of non-porous, flexible PVC that are welded together to create very strong joints. This industrial matting is also UV treated so it can be used outdoors or indoors.

An independent one year study has proven that Vynagrip matting’s anti-fatigue properties actually boosts productivity of workers. This industrial matting will provide your employees with excellent cushioning. Vynagrip also has thermal and noise reducing properties.

Greatmats Plastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Greenhouse FlooringConsider Vynagrip matting for use in warehouses, factories, airports, marine use, greenhouses, and other wet areas.

Vynagrip is 15 mm thick and is available in various size rolls. It is available in red, blue, black, or black with yellow edges. This matting is made in the USA with a 4 year limited warranty.

Vynagrip is easy to roll out for a quick installation. This matting does not need to be glue down. Plastex Vynagrip matting can be easily cut to fit on site. It is flexible that it can be installed on uneven surfaces. Vynagrip matting is hygienic and easy to clean. Just sweep off or hose as needed.

Greatmats Plastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Factory FloorCertified Slip Resistant – DIN 51130 – R11, V10
ASTM 1677 – Dry/Wet 0.7/0.6

Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 2 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 3 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 4 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 2 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 3 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Colors 4 x 33 ft
Greatmats Plastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial MattingVynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 2 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 3 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 4 x 16.5 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 2 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 3 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black 4 x 33 ft

Greatmats Plastex Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial MattingVynagrip Plus Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black w/ Yellow Borders 2 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Plus Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black w/ Yellow Borders 3 x 33 ft
Vynagrip Plus Heavy Duty Industrial Matting Black w/ Yellow Borders 4 x 33 ft


Alvas Matlay & Marlay Dance Flooring

Alvas Matlay Dance Flooring

Greatmats Matlay Dance Flooring Vinyl Black White ReversibleMatlay Vinyl Dance Flooring is one of the top choices for professional and home dance studios. This marley is lightweight and reversible with a non skid, matte finish on both sides. This flooring will work with many types of dances.

Matlay dance flooring is available in black/gray and white/gray. The full size roll is 6×60 feet in dimensions. Matlay flooring is also available in smaller sizes. This vinyl dance flooring is 1.1 mm thick.

GreatmatsGreatmats Matlay Dance Flooring Vinyl Black Gray ReversibleMatlay flooring can be used for temporary or semi permanent uses by installing with tape. Because a full roll of matlay weighs 120 pounds, it will make installation easier with at least two people. A hard, flat subfloor will be needed when installing.

Cleaning is easy and no special cleaner is needed. Just sweep and mop with 3 parts hot water to 1 part distilled white vinegar.


Alvas Marlay Dance Flooring

Greatmats Alvas Marlay Dance Flooring RollMarlay Dance Flooring is versatile and double-sided dance floor. This marley-type PVC vinyl flooring is great for many forms of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop and many more. Both sides of the Marlay have a matte finish and a surface texture that is not too fast and not too slow. This dance flooring is available in Light Gray/Dark Gray reversible.


When Marlay is used for dance, it is suitable for laying on a hard, smooth floor, but it is ideally paired and recommended with a sprung or floating subfloor to provide proper cushioning for dancers to prevent injuries.

    • Permanent: Weld seams together with welding rods for permanent installation. We recommend hot welding be done by a professional in order to avoid permanent damage to the floor.
    • Semi-permanent: A semi-permanent installation can be done with gaffers tape for the perimeter and vinyl tape for the seams.




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Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Roll

New Product: Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting

Greatmats Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Rolls Indoor Pool DeckHeronrib Wet Area Safety Matting is the best wet area matting system where barefoot traffic is common. Consider Heronrib wet area matting for indoor and outdoor pools, locker rooms, saunas, jazcuzzi areas, and other wet areas. Heronrib is an hygienic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal option. Heronrib matting has a open grid PVC plastic construction and is self draining.

Heronrib PVC matting will provide a warmer and more comfortable flooring to stand on. It has a embossed texture surface for slip resistance. This wet area matting can be used outdoors because it is UV resistant.

It is available in six colors including oxford blue, ocean blue, charcoal gray, forest green, mulberry red, and white.

Greatmats Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Rolls close up viewIt is recommended that regular cleaning occurs with an alkaline based cleaning product and a brush or electric cleaner. This matting is also easy to roll up for cleaning the flooring underneath it.

Available in sizes 2×33 feet, 3×33 feet, and 4×33 feet.

Slip Resistance Test Results
DIN 51097 Classification C
ASTM 1677 – Dry/Wet 0.6/0.6

Greatmats Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Rolls Indoor Pool Deck MatsGreatmats Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Roll close up


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Upper Columbia Academy Enjoys Acoustical Benefit of Protective Carpet

Gym Floor Carpet Tile Provides Sound for Concerts

By Brett Hart

Upper Columbia Academy Gala Greatmats Gym Floor Covering Carpet TilesWhen Upper Columbia Academy in Spangle, Washington, decided convert its gymnasium into a venue for its spring gala, Principal Eric Johnson, knew the existing hardwood gym floor may cause acoustic concerns as well as a less-than-ideal look and feel.

That’s when he began researching temporary floor covering that would be more appealing for special events such as this and came across Greatmats’ Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tile.

Impressed by their sound deadening qualities, durability and easy installation, Johnson says his school also uses the protective carpet tiles for graduations, parents weekends and concerts.

The carpet tiles get their heaviest traffic during graduations, which typically hosts about 1,000 people in the gymnasium. At the fundraising gala’s, they’ll place tables and chairs on the protective carpet where they’ll feed the approximately 400 people in attendance.

”I worked with our maintenance crew to put them down,” Johnson said. ”They’re simple. They’re very easy. We have a complete industrial arts program here, so our students made carts for them. We’ve got them on six carts, and we’ve got them stored in the gym. We just wheel them out and take them off and lay them down and pick them up.”

With plenty of help from the students, Johnson says it takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to cover approximately 12,000 square feet with the just over 3×6 foot tiles.

upper-columbia-academy-gala-gym-floor-covering-carpet-tile-365While Johnson said the tiles have done a great job protecting the hardwood underneath, that’s not the primary purpose for which they purchased the flooring.

”We bought them for aesthetics and the sound deadening,” Johnson said.

UCA, a private Seventh-day Adventist coeducational Christian boarding school in operation since 1945, draws students from all over the country is well known for its vocal and orchestral music programs, which as produced the likes of international classical singer Thomas Hampson.

And Johnson said, with the new Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tiles, it greatly improves the acoustics in the gymnasium when they are having concerts.

”We’ve been very pleased with them,” Johnson said. ”They’re great!”
Eric Johnson
Upper Columbia Academy
Spangle WA 99031
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My Epiphany Paradise Farm – Robin Broughton

Portable and Permanent Stall Mats fitting the bill for multiple uses

By Brett Hart

After more than 50 years in the horse industry, ranging from rodeoing to jumping to reining, Robin Broughton, is sharing her paradise with hunter/jumper and dressage horses. My Epiphany Paradise Farm Robin Broughton Greatmats

Her farms, My Epiphany Stables in Wadsworth, Illinois, and My Epiphany Paradise Farm in Kidder, Missouri, offer spaces for retirement and rehabilitation for these equine companions.

The current focus of My Epiphany Paradise Farm, a spinoff of her other farm which was founded in 2004 and focuses on rehab, is being a long-term retirement facility for horses.

My Epiphany Paradise Farm Horse Pasture Greatmats

”Because not all horses are able to be rehabbed due to their injuries, my clients were always asking for referrals to retirement farms for their horses,” Broughton said. ”Many of them had asked why I did not start my own retirement facility. They knew me. They trusted me; and it would be a natural transition for those horses who were unable to make it through rehabilitation at my Illinois farm to transition to a retirement farm owned by me.”

In the spring of 2012, Robin sat down with her parents, Keith and Arlene Wilcox, and came up with a plan to turn their family beef farm into a long-term retirement farm for hunter/jumpers. That September, they opened their gates and formed an LLC with officers that included Robin’s husband, George, and sister, Niki McCabe.

Arlene became the primary caretaker of the horses while Keith handled pasture management and maintenance among other duties. Five years later, My Epiphany Paradise Farm is the home to 30 retirees, ranging from 11 to 33 years of age. Last year, it also began accepting young horses that needed a place to grow up before beginning their performance life.

The Need for Stall Mats
In the early years of My Epiphany Paradise Farm, the crew worked out of an older cattle barn with dirt floors. When Robin began researching portable stall mats online for the limited times in which they would need the barn for veterinary or farrier work, or inclement weather, she kept coming back to Greatmats.com because if its in-depth information and apparent quality.
My Epiphany Paradise Farm Horse Barn Greatmats
As the farm’s popularity grew, Robin decided to build a new barn and arena on the back side of the farm. At that time, she began researching permanent mats and again chose Greatmats, this time going with pre-sized Horse Stall Mat Kits due to their ability to be easily installed over limestone without slipping over time.

My Epiphany Paradise Farm Horse Barn Greatmats Interlocking Horse Stall Mats

”They are built to last, great quality, came numbered so that we just followed the schematic to install,” she said. ”There was no cutting, cursing or overheating in putting them in. … Awesome!”

With her new 3,800-plus square foot barn housing 10 stalls and featuring run-out all-weather paddocks off each stall, Robin plans to move the entire Illinois rehabilitation program to the new barn where the bigger stalls, runs, round pen and additional paddocks will be able to service even more injured horses dealing with suspensories, tendon tears, ligament injuries, etc. And with its new 80×184 foot indoor arena, Robin and her staff can work on the fitness rehabilitation of the horses after they’ve recovered from their injuries.

My Epiphany Paradise Farm Horse Stall Greatmats Horse Stall Mats

With that being said, the retirement program will continue is its current form, only more acreage will be added, bringing the total area of My Epiphany Paradise Farm to 200 acres.

Even with the new permanent mats, Robin is still making use of her Greatmats portable horse stall mats for all the same uses as before, along with entryways on the ground for her living quarter trailers, in her stock trailers for short hauls, and in temporary stalls with concrete floors when she brings her horses to shows.

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Robin Broughton
My Epiphany Paradise Farm, LLC
Kidder MO 64649
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