Triton Fight Center claims 2017 AGF Tulsa Open Title

Clinch Martial Arts Academy Takes Second Place

Triton Fighter center claimed the Overall Team Title narrowly edging out Clinch Martial Arts Academy. The overall team tile was a tightly contested race at this year’s American Grappling Federation Tulsa Open. The competition was held on June 17 at UMAC in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lovato BJJ placed third place, with the top 3 teams finishing within 28 points of each other. 80 teams earned points in this tournament.
Lovato BJJ had an outstanding performance in the Kids No Gi division where it topped second place Triton Fight Center by 73 points. Triton Fight Center took second place, and Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy was only two points behind them, finish third.
Lovatao BJJ claimed first as well in the Kids Gi division with a 36-point margin above Triton, who finished second. American Elite MMA claimed third in the division.
Clinch Martial Arts placed first in the Adult Gi division with a 102 margin over the runner up, Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy. Triton Fight Center finished in a close third place.

Triton Fight Center’s persistence and consistency paid off in the Adult Gi division where they defeated Clinch Martial Arts Academy by 32 points, allowing them to secure the overall team title. Rubalcava Jiu-Jitsu claimed third in the Adult Gi division.

”Tulsa was HUGE,” said event organizer, Chris Carlino. ”It was our 2nd largest tournament in Oklahoma – second only to our state championships earlier in March.”

Top 10 Overall Team Scores

    • Triton Fight Center 399
    • Clinch Martial Arts Academy 387
    • Lovato BJJ 371
    • Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy 271
    • American Elite MMA 226
    • Rubalcava Jiu-JItsu 221
    • Omar French BJJ 154
    • Sandro Sampaio BJJ Academy 146
    • Valor Martial Arts 115
    • Team LDMA 114

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2017 Tulsa Open
American Grappling Federation
Tulsa OK 74133
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