No Limit Jiu Jitsu wins Jackson BJJ Championships

Jackson Mississippi Greatmats sponsored grappling

Kids Gi BJJ Action at the Jackson BJJ Championships on April 30, 2016.

AGF Jackson BJJ Championships Grand Champion No Limit Jiu Jitsu

Overall Team Champion No Limit Jiu Jitsu

No Limit was the overwhelming overall team champion at the April 30 American Grappling Federation 2016 Jackson BJJ Championships, sponsored by Greatmats.

The academy posted 434 team points, nearly double that of runner up Soul Fighter BJJ (Gulf Coast) which finished with 249 points. Gracie South Jiu Jitsu was a close third with 202 points. Forty-nine academies managed to earn team points.

Women's No Gi Grappling in Jackson, MS

Female No Gi Grappling

No Limit picked up 139 of those points in the Kids Gi Division. Grace South Jiu Jitsu also racked up a sizable amount of its point there as it finished second with 85 points. Kron Gracie Jiu Jitsu of West Monroe finished third in the division with 48 points.

With 104 points, No Limit claimed its third division title in the Adults Gi division while Soul Fighters BJJ and a strong runner up showing with 95 points. BJJ Revolution was third with 53 Adults Gi points.

No Limit won the Kids No Gi Division with 98 points while Gracie South Jiu Jitsu tallied 74 points and Soul Fighters BJJ, 52 points, in the same division.

In the Adults No Gi division, it was BJJ Revolution taking home the most points, edging out NO Limit 100-93. Vector/AFC placed third in the division with 66 points.

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Greatmats Photobomb Grappling

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Grapplers Johnson, Hicks stand out at Alabama State Championships

Greatmats Grappling MMA Mats at Alabama State Championships

The South USA Grappling Association Alabama State Championship tournament was equipped with Grappling MMA mats from Greatmats for its competition rings.

The South USA Grappling Association Alabama State Championships brought 265 competitors from more than 17 gyms to Orange Beach, AL, on May 14.

Alabama Youth Grappling State Champion

Levi Johnson competed in the 7-9 year old white/gray belt division at the Alabama State Championship of the South USA Grappling Association

One standout in the kids 7 to 9 year old white/gray belt division was Levi Johnson of Gracie United, which was one of the top three most represented gyms at the tournament. Johnson has only been training in the sport for a little over a year and has been winning events back-to-back.

Adult Alabama State Grappling Champion Adam Hicks

Adam Hicks won the 30-35 year old master division in advanced no gi.

Adam Hicks, a former NCWA All-American wrestler and current wrestling coach at Port City MMA is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and was dominant in the Master Division (Advanced No Gi) for 30 to 35 year olds. Port City MMA was also one of the most represented gyms.

Joining Gracie United and Port City MMA in the top three gyms, in terms of number of competitors at the tournament, was The Academy of Pensacola.

Event organizer Rafael Ellwanger said it was a great event, especially in the kids division, noting there were a lot of high level fights for that young age.

“(The) future is bright for BJJ in the south,” Ellwanger said.

Gracie United grapplers on Greatmats Grappling MMA mats

BJJ action on Greatmats Grappling MMA mats at the Alabama State Championships.

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Danny Ruiz & Michael Morgan 2016 SUGA Alabama State Championships Greatmats

Kyuki-Do Martial Arts of Elgin well represented at Spring Tournament of Champions

Elgin Kyuki-Do Team

Kyuki-Do Martial Arts of Elgin participants at 2016 AKF Spring Tournament of Champions

Greatmats AKF Champions

Yolanda Juaraz-Morales (left) tied with Drew McCurdy (center) for the 18 and over Grand Championship. Juarez-Morales later won a “Form Off” between the two.

While Kyuki-Do Martial Arts of Elgin (Illinois) provided ¼ of the nearly 200 participants at the American Kyuki-Do Federation’s Spring Tournament of Champions in Huntley, Ill., on May 7, approximately 15 academies participated in the festivities. One of the biggest surprises was the arrival of 19 competitors for AKF Lexington (Kentucky).

Greatmats AKF Family

The American Kyuki-Do Federation, sponsored by Greatmats, is a family friendly Martial Arts Federation.

Highlighting the Greatmats-sponsored event was the performances of Corrynn Anderson, Yolanda Juarez-Morales and Drew McCurdy. Anderson, of Huntley, won the 17 and under grand championship, while Juarez-Morales and McCurdy, both of Elgin, tied for the 18 and over grand championship which had to be decided by a “Form-Off at Kyuki-Do Martial Arts of Elgin on Saturday, May 14. Ms. Morales as the overwhelming winner.

Check out the next AKF event on Aug. 13, 2016 when the Summer Tournament of Champions comes to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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Gracie Barra claims Kansas City BJJ Championships Title

Greatmats and American Grappling Federation

Greatmats and American Grappling Federation

American Grappling Federation’s Kansas City BJJ Championships had the LeVo Sports Complex bursting at the seams on April 23, with 79 teams and more than 400 competitors. And while there was plenty of intense competition individually, the team battle was a runaway victory for defending champion Gracie Barra.

Reflecting the overall turnout of the tournament which nearly doubled from last year, Gracie Barra upped its 2015 point total form 270 to 554 points this year. Kansas City BJJ, which placed second last year repeated its runner up finish with 228 points. Taking third was Rubalcava Jiu-Jitsu with 148 points.

Gracie Barra dominated the Kids No Gi division with 101 points, followed by Perserverance MMA with 46, and Axios BJJ with 41 points. In the Kids Gi Division, Gracie Barra racked up 214 points while Axios BJJ tallied 58 and Laselva MMA, 48 points.

Rubalcava Jiu-Jitsu edged Gracie Barra in the Adults No Gi Division with 88 points while Gracie Barra tallied 76. Kansas City BJJ finished with 44.

Although Gracie Barra claimed the Adult Gi Division Title with 163 points, this was the area where Kansas City BJJ made its statement, racking up 102 points for a second-place finish. Combative Sports Center finished with 70 points.

Warriors United Tournament Circuit 2016

Dragon’s Den Mixed Martial Arts shines at Rumble on the River 3

Warriors United Tournament Circuit 2016

Rumble on the River 3 presented by Dragon’s Den MMA and Greatmats Martial Arts Floors

April 23rd marked the third annual “Rumble on the River III” Open Martial Arts Tournament at Scotty Hamilton Gym at Grafton High School. The Rumble is hosted by Shihan (Master) Eric Swick of Dragon’s Den Mixed Martial Arts in the Harman Center in Grafton, West Virginia.
This year’s “Rumble” brought in a record 204 competitors and 21 schools from the surrounding states including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky as well as West Virginia. The Rumble also had competitors from the USA Karate Team competing in the tournament.
The Rumble hosted events such as Board Breaking, Weapons, empty hand forms (kata), one point sparring (ippon kumite) and eight point sparring (Kumite).
Team Dragon’s Den brought home 55 first place finishes, 22 second places, 14 third places, 4 fourth places and 10 fifths. Team Dragon’s Den took home 2 of the 3 Grand Championships. Championships are under 18 under black belt and adults under black belt.
The “Rumble on the River” is part of a five tournament circuit called “Warriors United.” This is the second year of the growing Warriors United circuit. This year’s Warriors United Circuit and “Rumble on the River” was sponsored by Greatmats. All six rings were matted with Greatmats martial arts mats the same mats used in the Dragon’s Den MMA dojo (school).
In July, Shihan Swick will be taking Grafton’s best, a Team of 9 to the USA National Karate Federation Championships (USA/NKF) in Pennsylvania. USA/NKF is one of the world’s best traditional karate tournaments. Team Dragon’s Den has competed in the USA/NKF for the past two years and has brought home the gold on both occasions.
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BJJ Alabama State Championships a perfect start to summer

Alabama State BJJ ChampionshipsOrange Beach Alabama is currently preparing to accommodate the South USA Grappling Association‘s sixth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Alabama State Championships this Saturday, May 14, 2016.

Danny Ruiz vs. Michael Morgan MMA

Danny Ruiz and Michael Morgan

The Championships will be highlighted by a black belt match between Michael Morgan and Danny Ruiz.

Morgan, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and Judo brown belt, is the head BJJ instructor and owner of The Academy of Pensacola.

Ruiz, 37, is a black belt in both BJJ and Judo and holds a second degree black belt in Dantoryu JuJitsu. Ruiz is the owner and head instructor at Capitau Jiu-Jitsu and MMA and holds a professional MMA record of 14-6-0.

More than 200 competitors are already preregistered and approximately 300 hundred are expected to sign up for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Alabama State Championships before registration closes Wednesday at midnight. Currently, 20 academies and five states are represented on the competitor list.

Event organizer Rafael Ellwanger said, “This event is a getaway, mini vacation event. Parents approached me asking for the opportunity to have an event where they can go and enjoy the weekend, not just go compete and (go) back home. So we decided to choose the closest and best white sand beach with tons of attractions and entertainment.”

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Weather is predicted to be perfect and the tournament coincides with the last week of school for most kids and teens in the area. Should all go as planned the Alabama State Championships will be the perfect way to kick off the summer vacation by competing and enjoying a weekend on the beach!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Alabama State Championships

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Alabama State Championships

2016 Summer Classic boasts 400+ BJJ competitors

Youth Grappling sponsored by Greatmats

AGF Youth GrapplingEntering its fifth year, this Saturday’s (May 7, 2016) Summer Classic in Duncanville, Texas has become staple of amateur Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Texas.

This year, the American Grappling Federation tournament features more than 400 athletes and nearly 70 teams.

“There’s 3 other tournaments going on during a 4 week span, and we still managed to have a good turnout like this,” said AGF Co-Owner Chris Carlino.

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Greatmats and American Grappling Federation

Greatmats and American Grappling Federation

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AKF Celebrates 35th Spring Tournament of Champions this weekend

AKF Spring Tournament of Champions

The American Kyuki-Do Federations 35th Spring Tournament of Champions takes place May 7 in Huntley, Illinois

Approximately 200 competitors will be swarming to Huntley, Illinois, on Saturday, May 7, for the 35th annual American Kyuki-Do Federation Spring Tournament of Champions and Black Belt Promotion.

As a family-based martial arts federation, the much-anticipated AKF tournament will feature martial artists, ranging from 2 ½-year-olds, competing in the Kihap Contest, to 4th Dans going for the gold in weapons, breaking, forms, grappling and sparring competitions.

Greatmats Photobomb Contest

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At least 13 academies and three states will be represented at this year’s Tournament of Champions which will be coinciding with its Spring Black Belt Promotion for the first time ever.

In previous years, the black belt promotion has taken place the day following the tournament, but due to the events falling on Mother’s Day weekend this year, the two events have been combined into one power-packed day.

Festivities begin at 8 a.m. at: Huntley Park District, 12015 Mill Street, Huntley, IL 60142.

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American Kyuki-Do FederationGreatmats Martial Arts Floors