StayLock Modular Tile

Our new StayLock modular floor tile features either a bump top or orange peel surface design.  This floor is great for ergonomic and industrial fatigue flooring, aerobic and exercise floors, or in the home.  The tile connection design holds these modular floor tiles together tightly.  They will not separate over time. Installation of this waterproof basement floor tile is easy and quick; simply lay the tab side of the tile over the loops and connect the tiles together for a perfect fit every time.  No adhesives or tape is required so you are free to disassemble and bring this floor along wherever you go.

StayLock floor tiles are easy to connect.  Just interlock them and tap with a rubber mallet. Anyone can put these modular floor tiles together.  The typical life span of this type of modular flooring tile is 20 years. 
Choose this modular floor tile for industrial ergonomic flooring, athletic cardio and aerobic floors, home gyms, basement floors, automotive shops, or anywhere a comfortable and easy to install modular floor tile is needed. The underside of this modular floor tile features a cushion to provide ergonomic benefits for people who have to stand on their feet for long periods of time.
The bump top texture will provide the most ergonomic benefits for industrial and standing work environments while the orange peel will delivers a more aesthetic appeal for commercial and home athletic, gyms, cardio, and aerobic environments.
When this floor tile’s lifespan is complete, this material can be reclaimed and reground back into base material that can then be manufactured into useful products.  This plastic product need never go to the landfill.
All colors are made from virgin PVC material. Black is made from material with a low percentage of recycled content.  StayLock floor tiles come in seven standard colors.  Custom colors are also available.
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