Interlocking Carpet Tiles

When it comes to flooring for trade show booths, convention centers and showrooms, patios, theaters, sunrooms, or even basements, Interlocking Carpet Tile Royal is an excellent option.  These tiles easily piece together into a solid floor that features extra cushion and a lush carpeted surface.  The foam tiles are remarkably easy to install, simply piece them together and you’re done, no adhesives or tape required.  Edges can be cut to fit any area with a sharp utility knife.  Borders are also provided.  These interlocking foam tiles are lightweight and easy to transport.   They create a portable, carpet-top flooring you can bring with you almost anywhere.  Tiles are waterproof and easy to clean. 

Not only does this flooring look great, it provides excellent fatigue relief so you can stand on it for hours.   The base of the carpet tilesfeatures a 1/2” dense foam that will not break down over years of usage.  These tiles are designed for commercial use so they’re incredibly durable but also very inexpensively priced.  They are tough enough to withstand daily abuse from tables and chairs as well as high traffic areas.  Even high heels are no match for this flooring!  Tiles are also anti-slip so they improve safety for your customers.  Non-beveled edges will not present a tripping hazard.

Try Interlocking Carpet Tilesas a basement floor to create a comfortable and warm carpet floor that is waterproof and stain resistant. It can be installed directly over any hard, flat surfaces including concrete or wood or ceramic tile.

Interlocking carpet tiles are available in five popular colors and can ship via ground service directly to your door.  Each tile is 2×2’.  We have interlocking carpet tiles in stock and can ship them in a few working days from the time of order.  This flooring comes with free shipping to the lower 48 states.

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Horse Stall Mats

Is it a daily challenge to keep your horses and stables clean?  It might be time to consider horse stall mats.  Mats are great for keeping stalls and flooring neat and clean, even when it’s raining and sloppy outside.  Unlike dirt and other natural bedding, mats can be quickly hosed off and will dry quickly.  Mats also prevent horses from digging up the dirt and making a mess while still providing a softer standing surface than concrete. 

Our mats for horses are the best mats available on the market today and we provide them at competitive prices.  American made, these tight fitting, interlocking rubber tiles, are precision cut with a water jet.  This ensures a perfect installation every time no matter how unorthodox your facility may be.  The interlocking edges keep your floor from sliding around and making an unsafe environment for your horses.  Also, unlike less expensive “floating” mats, the interlocking design keeps dirt from getting underneath the edges.  Once dirt gets under the edges of cheaper mats, the edges begin to curl up creating a tripping hazard and an ongoing cleaning project that most people would just as soon avoid.

Our horse stall mat kits are made of the best recycled rubber on the market and come with a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects.  They are designed to last for 20 years under normal equine use.  They are great for a number of applications including horse stalls, wash areas, aisleways, foaling stalls, semen collecting stalls, trailer floors, and grooming areas.  All horse mats come with a flat bottom and diamond-top surface that provides comfort and stability for you and your animals.  They are remarkably easy to install and require no adhesive.

Horse stall kits come in three different sizes: 10×10, 10×12, and 12×12.  Each mat is 4×6 and weighs 100 lbs.

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Gymnastics Inclines

According to the U.S. Trends in Team Sports report, gymnastics has more participants of 6-12 year-olds than any other sport.  More than 48% of all active gymnasts belong to that age group.  When it comes to teaching the basics, gymnastics inclines are a crucial tool for any facility.  At Greatmats, we offer inclines at competitive pricing in both folding and non-folding options.  Instructors will find them extremely valuable for teaching all gymnasts from beginners to elite athletes.  They are also extremely effective for use in cheerleading programs.

Our gymnastics inclines are being used across the country in many capacities.  Beginners in “Mommy and Me” classes can use them to learn the basics.  Elite athletes training for international competition can use them to learn the most advanced moves.  Inclines are great tools to teach work on bars, basic tumbling, floor exercises, and conditioning.  The gymnastic incline is beneficial because gravity acts as an ally to the beginner to learn forward and back rolls.  You can use the mats for greater momentum when learning back handsprings.  They can also be used to teach vaulting.  Try them for bridge kickovers, handsprings, or as a flyback station.  If you lean them against a wall, you can use them to practice blind changes.   Larger versions make it possible to perform consecutive moves.  Use gymnastics inclines to teach gymnasts how to grasp the early stages of the reverse hecht.

Also known as wedge mats or cheese mats, the gymnastic incline can also transform into firm mini-pits or spotting tables or blocks.

Both our folding and non-folding gymnastics inclines are available in one solid color or two contrasting colors.  We offer a number of different colors so you can find the incline that best fits your facility.  Various sizes are also available.  Gymnastics inclines are easy to clean, transport, and store.

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