What if you could bring your dance floor with you?

Check out our new 3×3′ Tap Board Kit! This portable dance floor is a snap-together modular tile with revolutionary design, consisting of a durable plastic tray and a 3mm thick vinyl top layer. Designed specifically for multiple assemblies, the Tap Board Kit offers versatility and is perfect for people who want to bring their practice floor with them.

Tap Board Kits are Made in the USA and come with a ten year warranty. Vinyl tole never needs refinishing and comes in the following colors:
  • Slate Marble
  • Maple Plank
  • Light Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Parquet
  • Teak
  • Walnut
Engineered for indoor or outdoor use, kits are waterproof, and the underside provides excellent drainage.  They are also made from recycled content.  Have questions?  Feel free to contact us to learn more about Tap Board Kits or any other flooring specialty flooring products you’re interested in.
Check out our Tap Board Kits here:

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